The birds will start singing, the trees will start budding, and you’re itching to put away your winter wardrobe. However, spring still has a few very chilly days you still have to deal with.

While we know you’re excited to put all your winter clothes away, it’s probably better to focus on transitioning your wardrobe seamlessly into the next season, and we have the easiest ways for you to do that.

1. Use your favorite winter pieces the right way

woman in black jacket

You may want to just reach for your spring outfits right away, but remember, we still get a lot of really cold days while the weather slowly warms up. A great way to use winter pieces is to mix them in with your spring ones. For example, wear your favorite leather jacket with a floral dress. Add your thinner winter trench coat with some skinny jeans.

2. Layer Lightly

This is the most important part when you’re transitioning into spring. You can put away those thick puffer jackets and sweaters, but keep the lighter sweaters and cardigans out and ready. Layering these with a maxi skirt is a great way to keep a lighter spring look while still keeping yourself warm on those days when the cold is just too much still.

3. Keep your booties out

No, not that kind of booty. We’re talking about shoes. In fact, this may seem a little bit surprising, but you should try wearing a floral dress with your favorite winter booties. We promise it will look absolutely adorable! You can even pair this outfit with a denim jacket or even your leather jacket if you want to look a bit edgier.

4. Choose lighter colors

Even if you kept wearing your thicker sweaters because the weather is too cold for you, you should opt for brighter colors. Put those burgundy color sweaters away and choose something more like a cream sweater instead. Spring is all about pastel and light colors, so stick to those, and you’ll find transitioning into spring an absolute breeze.

We know how exciting it is to finally see the snow melt and the green grass pop back, but with a little bit of patience and the right layering, you’ll seamlessly transition, and no one will be the wiser.