The itch to travel my bite you just before summer is over, who knows, maybe they'll have a vaccine or therapy to manage Covid-19, allowing us to book a last-minute vaca before school's back in session, and we all have to return to work - wishful thinking? Maybe. But, let's just say you need some tips on how to plan a last-minute trip this summer or possibly throughout the year.

These hacks could possibly save you some coin and get you some pretty awesome steals at the same time.


You'll need some sort of idea as to where you want to go. Maybe an international trip is out of the question (or maybe it isn't). You'll need to determine what you're looking to get out of this trip. Are you looking to lay by the beach or lake? Hike? Go on a cruise? Sight see the city? Experience a different culture in another country?

Once you've learned what this last-minute dream vacation is, you can consider how you want to get there and where you want to stay.

You could want to travel to a fairly local destination within a 75-mile radius and just drive there, saving you some money. Check out Airbnb for homes in the area or check out Hotel Tonight if you're planning on staying in a metropolitan area with upscale hotels.

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Family or friends

Taking a spontaneous trip is an exciting adventure. Knowing who you're going with is just as important. Make sure you go with people that you can laugh and create memories with. You should also take into consideration the ages of those that will be going to make sure that the trip is suitable for all those that are going.


Experts say that the best times to fly are between Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday's. Subscribe to the airlines you're considering so you can get last-minute deals emailed to you. You can also check out apps like for additional deals and promotions:




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You should also do a little extra digging and compare your options between booking a round-trip flight or buying one-way tickets from different carriers. You may get better pricing if you book your flights separately.



You should consider looking into all-inclusive resorts around the area you want to visit; these options might be a better alternative because everything is already planned for you, which makes the experience stress-free and convenient.

Call the resort directly to see if they can price match or give you a better deal than websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, or Kayak.

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So you've booked your flight and your hotel. Now what? You need to find all the things to do while you're on vacation. You may not have the opportunity to make dinner reservations at the swankiest restaurant, but you can use an app called Open Table to see if there are last-minute cancellations that you can take.

You can also sit at the bar of the restaurant that you want to enjoy a casual dinner instead. The bar may have cheaper pricing, and the bartender can tell you about secret items that aren't on the menu, so make friends with them asap.

If you don't really have any solid plans on the agenda, then ask the concierge to list a few recommended places for you to check out. They usually have connections or sites they know are worth visiting.

Lastly, if you're able to score reservations or you're going to a nice event, hire a stylist to meet you at your hotel room so you don't have to drive around or get Uber'd to a salon to get ready. Remove all that stress and download the MOBILESTYLES app to find a beauty professional in your area.