There are so many ways you can continue growing and becoming a better stylist for your client, your employer, and yourself.

1. Listen

Being a good hairdresser definitely means listening to your clients in more ways than one. You’ll learn that your clients will tend to want to share all of the ups and downs of their lives with you. Listening to them shows them that you care and see them as more than just a paycheck.

2. Follow current trends

You don’t want to be that stylist that doesn’t really know what’s new and trending in the modern world. When you have a client from a younger generation come in, they’ll probably want something they saw recently on Pinterest or Buzzfeed. Making sure that you’re up to date with the trends will keep you from looking unprofessional.

3. Have a wide selection of tools

Having a diverse selection of tools means you can cater to many clients and different requests. You don’t want to be that stylist who doesn’t have a curling rod!

4. Continue learning

Hair trends are constantly changing, just like the way we cut and style hair. Don’t ever stop learning because it will be the biggest benefit you could do as a stylist.

5. Attend events

Attending events can keep you up-to-date on current trends, companies, products, and information you may not be able to receive with a Google search. Plus the networking is so important in this industry.

black hair brush photo

6. Be attentive

Don’t forget about your client just because they have to sit for an hour with a treatment in their hair. Make sure they’re still doing alright every so often so they don’t feel forgotten.

7. Invest in quality tools and products

Quality can be better than quantity here. Having tools that perform well will keep you from having to do constant replacements and can even cut your time in half when styling hair.

8. Be honest

It may be a hard pill to swallow for some clients, but you need to be honest if you believe a cut or color may not work for them. It shows you care about them and they’ll appreciate it in the end.

9. Remember your clients

Would you believe some stylists call their clients by their appointment time? Yikes. Always remember your clients and try to learn things about them.

10. Be prepared

If you know you have a color appointment coming in soon, prep the color ahead of time! Being prepared is better than scrambling at the last minute, which makes you look so unprofessional.

It’s the little things that can make a huge difference between a good stylist and a great stylist. If you keep doing all of these, we guarantee you’ll be the best stylist you can be.