Whether you’re giving or receiving, make sure that Small Business Saturday, November 28th, is highlighted on your calendar.

It’s safe to say this year has been the hardest year ever for independent businesses, establishments, and mom & pop shops. It’s due to; less foot traffic as a result of stay-at-home measures, office closures, and a lack of tourism. The onus is now on community members to make meaningful decisions when it comes to spending their hard-earned dollars.

Rather than rush to grab a last-minute gift voucher from a nationwide retailer or absent-mindedly order from a big box e-commerce store, consider whether there are ways to put a smile on someone’s face, all while supporting a small business owner.

Here are some of our favorite ways to help and keep everyone happy!


Almost every town and city in the country has its fair share of stores selling boutique-style crafts, gifts, and quirky souvenirs. These types of all-encompassing vendors are a treasure trove when it comes to selecting presents for everyone from your family and friends to your neighbor or a new acquaintance. They’re also great for picking up things like sets of handmade seasons greetings cards or stocking fillers for kids. 



Maybe the person on your gifting list already has everything under the sun. In that case, think outside the box and see if there’s a nearby independently-owned salon or spa that they can treat themselves at.



The fashion industry has been majorly impacted this year. Chances are, there’s someone in your life who has a weakness for a new garment or accessory. Things like scarves, gloves, and fun socks are always good to stock up on, just in case too, in case someone you forgot to put on your shopping list pays an unannounced house call!


For the person who’d rather enjoy a special life moment than accept a token trinket, inquire whether there’s something experiential on their bucket list. It might be a cooking class in their neighborhood, a stay at a family-run boutique hotel, or something as adventurous as skydiving! The world is your oyster when it comes to selecting something fun and different for them to do. 


There really is no feeling like opening the door to a surprise delivery of fresh-cut flowers. In the absence of events, weddings, and parties, small florists have been really hard hit this year. Now is the time to band together and support them.



Who doesn’t love getting lost in a new book? Whether you’re buying for a tot or an elderly relative, there’s always a perfect literary work, a coffee table book, collector editions, or a magazine subscription to suit everyone’s tastes. 


Consider whether you can support the local restaurant and hospitality business by giving a voucher for a meal in an independent eatery that the recipient has been keen to try. Alternatively, procure a hamper of goods, like cheese, chutneys, and crackers, from an artisanal store to ensure a mouthwatering and memorable present.