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  • Profile

    How will I find PROs in my area?

    Registered PROs on the app will be visible in your area based on desired service. Clients will instantly see PROs who have completely setup their availability.

    Why can't I login?

    This could happen for several reasons:

    1. If you registered with your email please make sure you go to your email and find the notification from MOBILESTYLES. The registration is not finished unless the link from MOBILESTYLES is clicked confirming your identity.
    2. You registered with a different password and need to reset it.
    3. Your profile had been blocked because you did not meet MOBILESTYLES Terms and Conditions.

    What if I don't see a service I want on the list provided?

    The world of health and beauty is constantly growing and any suggestions are well appreciated. If you are searching for a new service that will be beneficial for other clients, please contact us, and we will review any request and consider and plan its implementation, if valid.

  • Bookings

    What happens to the PRO if they cancel an accepted appointment?

    Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

    Can I rate the PRO?

    Yes! After every appointment, Clients receive the option to rate and review the PRO, the service, and the experience.

    Can I use the MOBILESTYLES App in other states?

    Definitely! The MOBILESTYLES App operates in 10+ states. If you're traveling to another state for work or vacation, you can count on MOBILESTYLES to be there for all your health and beauty needs.

    Can I request services to be used with vegan products?

    Every PRO provides their own supplies, and the clients can read in the PRO's profile what type of products they use and if they match up with their specific requests like vegan products.

    Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the final look or service?

    Every situation is handled on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed by MOBILESTYLES. Clients, however, are able to rate and review every PRO after appointments are completed. These ratings will be visible on your profile and may affect future appointment requests.

    How do I book an appointment?

    Download the MOBILESTYLES App -> Register as a CLIENT -> Enter Location -> Select Service -> Select PRO from list -> and Confirm!

    Can I book appointments on the website or over the phone?

    On the website, you will find a directory of searchable PROs. However, in order for a Client to book an appointment, they would have to download the MOBILESTYLES App. If assistance is needed, please contact our support number at (888) 902-0720 and our On Boarding agents will be happy to help walk you through your booking request.

    How long are the appointments?

    Appointment times may vary depending on the service being performed. Please plan accordingly.

    How do I prepare for an appointment?

    Using the In App messaging, the Client and PRO can interact and any preliminary instructions can be given then such as pre-washing hair, clean face, open and available outlets, product allergies, etc.

    What if I want to add additional services?

    Add Ons will be applied at the time of service and will be signed off by the Client to continue the appointment.

    Does MOBILESTYLES offer beauty services for weddings?

    MOBILESTYLES offers services for weddings and all types of events, even corporate ones.

    What if I don't see the service I want on the App?

    We always welcome suggestions and as the health and beauty industry grows, we want to stay current. Please send all recommendations to for review.

    What areas do you service?

    MOBILESTYLES is now available in all your favorite cities – Champaign, Chicago, Atlantic City, Houston, Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Fresno, LA, OC, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Pensacola, Tampa, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York, and Seattle.

    Will the PRO clean up after themselves?

    PRO is encouraged to remember they represent Mobile Styles and to treat the venue with respect and be attentive to their surroundings and supplies.

    Do you have gift cards?

    E-gift cards are available for purchase on the MOBILESTYLES website all year long and is the perfect way to give your loved ones or even yourself the gift of health and beauty.

    Can I cancel an appointment?

    You can cancel your appointments via your MOBILESTYLES profile on the app. For rules and policies regarding canceling an appointment, please refer to Terms and Conditions.

  • Schedule

    Is there a way to book an appointment one month in advance?

    This feature is not available at this time, but finding and scheduling an appointment with a PRO on the app's version 2 will...

  • Payment

    Are cash tips allowed?

    Yes, clients can either tip in cash or via the app. All tips are 100% for PROs to keep.

    Can I pay in cash?

    For your safety and security, all transactions must go through the MOBILESTYLES App. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

    What if I cancel late or do not show up to my appointment?

    Penalties and fees may be charged on the credit card that you provided MOBILESTYLES. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

    What if my stylist is late or a no-show?

    MOBILESTYLES protects its clients. We have a thorough No-Show/Late Cancellation policy. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

    Why was my credit card declined during checkout?

    This could happen for several reasons:

    1. The credit card where the zip code on file does not match the zip code on the card's billing address.
    2. The debit or credit card on file has an invalid/expired date. If issue is not resolved, contacts MOBILESTYLES at +1 (888) 902-0720.
  • Miscellaneous

    Is this a legitimate company?

    Yes, it is. Once you register with the MOBILESTYLES App, all your information is encrypted for your safety and the safety of our customers. MOBILESTYLES is a trusted app both, on Apple Store and Google play. We would love to give you more information about MOBILESTYLES, schedule your interview today and join the #1 on-demand health and beauty app in the Nation. Simply click on the link below to get started! Question?

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