We can all agree that we feel flawless when our hair is looking healthy and our skin is glowing like JLO! But it isn’t always the shampoos that you use or the makeup and skin products that help us feel flawless. It starts with your diet. Here are 5 foods to eat for healthier skin and hair.


Blueberries have antioxidants that protect you from premature aging. Don’t forget to add some blueberries to your breakfast or snacks!

Fish / Seafood

Fishes that contain omega- 3 fatty acids, such as Wild Salmon, helps keep your skin moisturized.

Oysters- The perfect source of dietary zinc to help the growth and function of skill cells. Delicious and does wonders for your hair and skin.


Vegetables are filled with all the right nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that leave your skin and hair looking healthy.


Walnuts help with keeping tightening your pores and help keep your skin soft. Not only does it keep your skin glowing but walnuts also improves hair growth.