We’ve been blessed with having some trends back from the 80’s coming back around. Here are five of our favorite 80’s Styles that made a comeback!

Power Suits

Power up ladies, we are loving this chic look that’s back from the 80’s. There’s something about wearing power suits that make us feel like we’re ready to conquer the world.     

Mom Jeans

Excuse us as we search through our mother’s closet to find her vintage jeans. Forget boyfriends jeans, mom jeans are what we need right now.

Huge Earrings

Big and bold earrings are making a comeback. It’s the perfect statement piece for a night out.     

Denim Jackets

Whether it’s oversized or fitted, we are obsessed with throwing on a denim jacket wherever we go. Hopefully, this 80’s trend is here to stay.   

Mirrored Sunglasses

We are OBSESSED! These mirrored glasses were spotted everywhere this year during festival season and this summer.