Female celebrities aren’t the ones that struggle with having the perfect hair. Which is why we gotta give these men some credit when they’re looking amazing on and off the red carpet. Especially when it comes to hair. Please proceed with caution.

1. Zayn Malik


Zayn is never afraid of switching his hair style. He’s constantly trying various styles and colors to keep things interesting. But his signature look is definitely something he goes back to and we’re not complaining.

2. The Weeknd


Just when we thought The Weeknd couldn’t get any better, he decided to chop his hair off. Maintaining curly hair for men can be difficult but he makes it seem so easy.

3. Zac Efron

Whether he was busy at basketball practice or partying up in a frat house, Efron had flawless hair through it all.

4. Ryan Reynolds

When Ryan Reynolds isn’t busy making us laugh on twitter or being the best husband to Blake Lively he’s too busy having great hair days.

5. Austin Butler

What’s more perfect than Austin Butler’s jawline? His hair. Austin is always looking sexy whether he has a clean cut or long hair.

6. Jaden Smith

Whether it’s a buzz cut or braids, Jaden Smith knows how to pull off both styles. He’s never afraid to just go for it.

7. Dave Franco

The Franco brothers are always looking sexy, but when it comes to having perfect hair, Dave Franco takes the medal.

8. Jensen Ackles

The perfect hair connected with the perfect beard! Can such a clean cut look any more perfect than Jensen Ackles?

9. Harry Styles

We’ve been obsessing over Harry Style’s hair since day one of One Direction. His style started off with the cutest curls and progressed.

10. Cole Sprouse

I think we can all forget Cole’s awkward stage with his bowl haircut because look at his hair now. Can he get any more dreamy?

11. Chace Crawford

The Upper East side wasn’t the only one drooling over Chase. It’s not his deep blue eyes, it’s definitely his hair. Wouldn't you agree?