First impressions are everything. Usually, looks are the first thing everyone notices. Whether you realize it or not, your facial hair also says a lot about you. That’s why we are going to break down and tell you what your beard says about you.

Full Beard

A full beard definitely looks like a more mature older man. It’s often associated with scholarly or academic individuals. It’s a classy and old- fashioned style.


This look is for a man who just might be stuck in the past. This style was a statement which was a huge trend in the mid-1990’s. Currently, though, it’s an overly done expression.


This look is for the man that must keep up with the latest trends. If you open up a men’s magazine or scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’ll notice how many guys are rocking this look. It looks a little messy at times but you have to maintain it properly.

Handlebar Mustache

When we see this look we get a gentleman's old fashion, sipping tea on the porch kind vibe. It's a must that you have a personality when sporting this.


Clean shave for someone who is a bit more preppy or loves to have a baby face. Men are always changing their looks from a clean shave to a scruffy look. Nothing wrong with going back and forth, but maybe the Mad Men clean shaven look might come back soon.