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Tatiana D
Santa Cruz, CA


1. First off, what school(s) did you attend?
Cosmo Factory
2. Now, tell us what brands you prefer to use.
Brooklyn Herbarium and Acqua Cures
3. Have you worked at major hair salons or spas? If so, please list the names for reference.
Salon and Spa @ Personal Choice Eureka CA and Azam Salon & Spa Silicon Valley CA
4. What is your specialty?
All gender hair removal, advanced Acne care with Non invasive extractions, Thelasso Therapy, Skin Polish, Scar Repair, Hot Stone Facial and wholistic sports therapy.
5. Have you serviced anyone famous - celebrities, models, musicians, athletes?
None famous lawyers with Hollywood ties, UFC fighters pro and aspiring Bay Area and local Santa Cruz Musicians
6. Are you a cat or dog person?
Love pets not a dog or cat person
7. What’s your favorite drink?
Chevas Regal & Johnny Walker Blue Label
8. Do you have a favorite song that inspires you to be creative?
MIA Current Madonna and ThirdEye Girls & Prince and MeatBeatManifesto
9. What’s your favorite state or country that you’ve visited?
New York / Peru
10. Which band or artist do you listen to after a long day at work?
MIA or Contemporary Madonna
11. Finally, what sets you apart from other professionals?
$596 Spa Concierge Insurance provider ( monthly fee with 17$ co-pay unlimited services monthly ) Former sports therapist with sports massage and spa tech application techniques for spa and skin treatments. I cater to fighters. I am also an Ayurveda Intimacy Wellness Coach. All service are complimentary with copay insurance -(A)- only 45 policies available per month. Waiting List with deposit. Suggest seasonal feel of $1600.00 for three months complimentary spa insurance. -(A)-


My name is Tatiana and I am a professional Esthetician in Santa Cruz, CA. I offer services such as Strip Temporary Eyelash Extension, Eyebrow Threading, Lip Threading, Full Face Threading, Eyebrow Shaping without having to leave your home. All of my mobile beauty services are available to you anytime, anywhere through the mobile beauty app.

All of my beauty services are customized to fit your own unique needs and style and available on the nation’s top-rated mobile beauty app. Schedule an appointment with me today and receive the special beauty or pampering treatment you deserve.