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Your on-demand health and beauty app!

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There’s nothing a massage can’t fix

MOBILESTYLES, the leading on-demand health and beauty app, provides massage while pregnant or Swedish full body massage to on-the-go clients anytime, anywhere. MOBILESTYLES on-demand masseuses will go to consumers and deliver soothing, relaxing massages. Download MOBILESTYLES today!

Tired from a long day’s work? Check out MOBILESTYLES list of massage therapists! They’ll provide the relaxation you need whenever, wherever. Getting a massage has never been this convenient, thanks to MOBILESTYLES. Whether you need a Thai massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, or shiatsu massage, we have the perfect masseuse to do the job for you. Our licensed masseuses also offer aromatherapy massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, just to name a few. Book yourself an appointment or a couple’s massage now!
As your on-demand mobile spa, we connect you to hundreds of trained masseuses around you. If you need a foot massage, a quick 30-minute back massage, count on MOBILESTYLES to bring you only the best! There’s a new way to finding on-demand health and beauty professionals in Idaho.

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