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looking for new ways to
reach out a new clientele?
mobile styles is here to
connect you with on-the-go
clients in your city.
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Whether you’re an emerging or established hair weaving specialist, Mobile Styles is the
perfect mobile app for you. As a health and beauty mobile app, we connect licensed
professionals with fashionistas & professionals looking for the best weave artist in town.

Mobile Styles is open to all service providers
who specialize in:

  • Natural hair
  • Hair & makeup
  • Braiding
  • Hair color

Here’s how it works

  • 1
    Create your profile.
    Build your schedule.
  • 2
    Receive client requests.
    Approve or decline an
  • 3
    Assess your client’s needs.
    Arrive at location & begin
  • 4
    After your session, get
    paid and view your rating.

Mobile Styles

  • Your clientele
    Show-off your creativity to on-the-go
    clients in and around your city.
  • Earn money
    Setting your own price and schedule
    allow you to live independently.
  • Save time
    Increase your opportunity to earn more
    cash with our show-and-tell function.
Be mobile, be independent
Stylists, artists, and therapists, your perfect app is here!
Mobile Styles connects health and beauty professionals to
on-the-go consumers. Earn money at your own time
and schedule. Meet your clients whenever, wherever.
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About Us

Mobile Styles is created by a renowned image consultant with a hectic itinerary, which
included flying between L.A. and New York. He devised a simpler scheduling process,
and the result is an app that pairs weave artists in cities who provide quality service
anytime, anywhere. Make Mobile Styles your mobile hair salon!