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6 Winter Lipstick Colors Perfect for Cold Weather

6 Winter Lipstick Colors Perfect for Cold Weather

Sometimes, all you need is the perfect winter lipstick color to really pull your look together.

The perfect winter lipstick color can give you the confidence you need to slay the day.

With so many lipstick types and shades to choose from, it can be hard to find one that matches the scarf or trenchcoat of your bundled winter outfits. Luckily, we’ve created a guide for the perfect winter lipstick colors to complement cold weather. 

Read on for the reasons why each color has been selected, and hopefully get some inspiration for your next lipstick look! 

dark red

Dark Red

Dark red lipsticks are a classic pretty much all year but are specifically stunning in the cold winters. The color will complement every skin tone and still make you look beautiful, ethereal.


Neutral looks always look so beautiful on any skin tone. It works with every outfit and just makes your entire look so chic and effortlessly put together. The best thing about the taupe shade is that it’s so subdued, you can create bold eye looks and balance out your entire face.


Pumpkin Red

Rocking a red color in the winter doesn’t have to be a dark cool-toned lip. Pairing your makeup look with a pumpkin red, donning an orange, warm undertone will be such a fun change to the usual deep reds you go for this time of year.

black and pink lipstick and black eyeshadow palette


Winter can be such a drag, so a pop of color like a bright Fuschia. It'll be a perfect bold statement you’ll be excited to make. The rich pink color will contrast the white snow in a way that will look so iconic– you’ll never wear another shade this season again.

Deep Violet

Violet is one of those shades you’ll most likely see every single winter season. This is because the cool tones in the shade will complement the cold weather and your fairer skin tone in the colder months.



Nude lipstick is almost always on-trend, but it works so well in the wintertime. This shade is one of the easiest ways to look put-together without having to put much effort at all into your overall look. It gives your lips the perfect balance of warm and cold, making it an amazing shade to use in the winter when you’re not a fan of bold colors.

It doesn’t really matter which shade you choose — we can guarantee you’ll look fabulous in any of them. Book an appointment with one of our PROs so you can have an expert come to you and help you pick out the perfect winter lipstick color for your skin tone. Get ready to slay!


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