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Health, beauty, and wellness product manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and more partner with us to instantly reach a hot audience of businesses and users whose priority is shopping beauty and wellness. When you partner with MOBILESTYLES, you’ll greatly expand your customer base and have the exciting opportunity to showcase all your unique products and services to our Clients and PROs nationwide!


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Learn more about partner brand Art du Savon
Learn more about partner brand Acai
Learn more about partner brand Infrared Technology
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Why You Should Partner with MOBILESTYLES

Guaranteed Company Growth

With a total of 90k downloads on iOS and Android devices, 255k newsletter subscribers, and more than 30k active Clients and PROs across the nation, watch your business grow and thrive with MOBILESTYLES!

Company Visibility

Get promoted to our 100k+ app users — with a monthly impression rate of 380k, your logo, products, and services will effortlessly reach more customers.

Dedicated Social Media Promotions

Reach our 3.8k Instagram followers, 18.6k Facebook followers, and 3.5k LinkedIn followers with expert-level promotions through our social media outlets — with 380k impressions in-app and online per month, you can rely on MOBILESTYLES to promote your company successfully.

Highlight of Our Swag Bags

Quickly grow and reach over 8k beauty and wellness professionals in one shot with MOBILESTYLES swag bags — given out at all health, beauty, and wellness conventions; contests; monthly giveaways; and more!

Company Giveaways

Participate in our giveaway campaigns where our 30k+ Clients and PROs across the nation have the opportunity to sample your products and services!

Corporate Events

Feature your logo with MOBILESTYLES' at corporate events* across the nation, and receive exclusive partner discounts on pampering services from our expert PROs who await your call.

*When you sponsor us at annual beauty and wellness events.

Newsletter Promotions

Reach thousands more customers each month by starring in our monthly newsletter, where we highlight your products and services to our 250k+ subscribers!

Blog Features

Grow your customer base with a feature in our blog, showcasing dense SEO keywords, easy-to-follow structure, and an engaging tone — to ensure our 250k+ subscribers are craving a taste of your products and services!

Mutual Benefits

MOBILESTYLES is reinventing how people manage their health, beauty, and wellness needs, with experts focused on quality, performance, reliability, and results — to guarantee a successful experience for everyone!

Are You Our Next Partner?

Health, beauty, and wellness service providers
Beauty and wellness product brands
Portable health and beauty equipment companies
Hotels, boutiques, and venues
Gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers
Professional liability insurance companies
Beauty tools and accessories manufacturers and distributors
Modeling and event agencies
Photography studios
Beauty schools and trainers
Everything in between

We know your company will be a valuable partner for MOBILESTYLES. Tell us more!

What Influencers Are Saying

Check out what some of our influencers think!

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Mimi, Wisconsin
Super fun, super easy, super affordable!
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Shelly, Connecticut
It’s absolutely no secret that we live in a world of Amazon Prime and next-day shipping, and we’re accustomed to those things. With the MOBILESTYLES App, you have the Amazon Prime of beauty services at your fingertips!
woman wearing blue floral bikini with hair in a bun holds drink by the water
Hailee, Florida
Whether you guys are needing a last-minute spray tan, or you might just want a spa day with your girls, or you’re looking for that special someone to do your day-of hair and makeup — MOBILESTYLES has it all. They have over 200 services. You guys are gonna love it — it’s at the touch of your fingers!
woman wearing denim jacket poses on a bench with french bulldog
Bailey, California
Have you ever wanted to book a beauty appointment straight to your house? Now you can! With the MOBILESTYLES App, you can search a service you want and book a PRO near you — whenever you want! You can book your next nail appointment, your next hair appointment, your next massage, and they’ll come straight to your house. It’s that simple! I can’t wait to book my next appointment.

Are you a health, beauty, and wellness influencer? Work with us!

Why Advertise With MOBILESTYLES

Guaranteed Growth Through Numbers

(iOS + Android)




Active Clients/
PROs Across The Nation


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25 - 34 years old

Dedicated Social Media Promotions







In-App Impressions
Per Month


How You Can Advertise With MOBILESTYLES

Website & Blog Promotion
Website & Blog Promotion

Over 558k search impressions

In-App Ads
In-App Ads

Over 380k in-app impressions a month

Newsletter & Email Promotion
Newsletter & Email Promotion

Over 255k newsletter subscribers

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