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Affirmation Vision Boards are Both Fun and Useful

Affirmation Vision Boards are Both Fun and Useful

I was invited to an affirmation vision board party a few years back, before I knew what these boards were. I ended up not making a board, but I wish I had.

Everyone else spent the night glueing pictures to their affirmation vision board.

I wish I would've had the patience to sit and envision what i needed to reach my goals. There’s something about sitting and focusing on where you want your life to go that inadvertently allows your mind to gear up toward reaching those goals. After all, the idea of an affirmation vision board is to visualize your future with the words, images, and scents.

Hopefully after reading the following information about vision boards, you won’t make the same mistake I did if you ever get invited to one of these parties. 

assorted cards on brown wooden table

If I were to create (and I’m going to) a vision board for 2021, and I want to convey success in my personal and professional life, I would include images of working hard or words like dedication, focus, and determination. I would leave space on my board to continue to revise it as I reach milestones so my board will consistently evolve with me and my accomplishments.

I wouldn’t include images of a mansion or of a fancy sports car because there’s no clear direction on how to reach those goals. Your vision board should inspire you and double as a road map for you to get going on reaching the life you dream of.

home decor

Before you get started on putting together your vision board, sit down with a notepad and pen and jot down the goals you want to reach for the different areas of your life (career, family, relationship, travel, personal growth, etc.). What outcome do you want for these areas of your life? Once you’ve clearly defined that, think about the things you need to do to reach those goals. How can you translate those action steps into visuals that you can pin to your vision board so you can remember that these steps need to be accomplished to move the needle forward?


There’s no right or wrong way to create and design a vision board, so feel free to organize your images the way you see fit. Make sure you have all the materials you need to design your board. You can get all your craft materials at Michaels or any other craft store. Print out your pictures, personal and some that you’ve found online. Decorate it with quotes, affirmations, and words that will keep you motivated to work towards your vision. Make sure you have: scissors, glue, pins, a corkboard or poster board, tape, time, and some mellow music.

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