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Mobile Styles is Your Extra Hand for Hair and Makeup

Mobile Styles is Your Extra Hand for Hair and Makeup

It's almost the weekend! Whether you have zero experience or have no time to do your own hair and makeup, MOBILESTYLES is here for you anytime, anywhere.



Image by Tim Mossholder with Unsplash

Whether you have tons of practice or no practice at all, doing your hair and makeup on your own can get a bit boring and repetitive at times. Unfortunately, this can lead to us drawing a blank in what to do or simply cause us to not know what to do at all when the weekend comes and it's time to look dolled up. Luckily, if you find yourself in this situation, which for me comes more often than not, Mobile Styles will have your back.

Between the crazy work week and balancing my social life, I cannot seem to learn how to maintain or create a new hairstyle and do the perfect cat eye with eyeshadow combo when Friday night rolls around. Instead, I tend to leave a light dusting of mascara on my lashes and hopefully run a brush through my hair, if I remember, and call it a day. So, if you’re anything like me, Mobile Styles will save you.

You see, Mobile Styles is an app that will send a professional to you at the click of a button. These professionals focus on everything from hair and nails to makeup and massages leaving little room for an unprovided service. So, when the weekend makes its appearance and you forget to watch a tutorial on how to blend your eyeshadow or simply don’t have the upper arm energy to curl your hair that night, you have no reason to worry, my friend. We’ve got you covered.


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