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How To Build a Personal Fitness Program at Any Age

How To Build a Personal Fitness Program at Any Age

When it comes to personal fitness program, slow and steady wins the race. That might sound like an oxymoron, but hear us out.

When setting a personal fitness goal, it's best not to do too much at first.

Even if you escape without injury, chances are that you’ll have a mental block against continuing with your personal fitness program. 

Whether you’re a spritely teenager or a retiree simply looking to move your body more, the best way to make fitness a regular part of your life is to pick something that’s sustainable.


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First things first, no one wants to be punished by their choice of exercise. If you love loud music, lifting heavy weights, and sweating bucket loads, then, by all means, keep doing your thing! But no one said that that’s the only way to get in shape and keep your organs healthy. Simply put, the best exercise for you is whatever format you look forward to partaking in. Be it tennis, walking, running, climbing, dancing, or swimming: oftentimes, the best ‘workouts’ take place outside the confines of a traditional gym, without you even thinking about it.


Person Performing Exercise

If you’re looking to mix up your current routine and try something new, be wary of trendy boutique studios or activities that require purchasing lots of equipment. Why? Because brand-driven fitness can be notoriously expensive. And, that’s one surefire way to find an excuse not to keep it up. Thanks to the rise in at-home options as a result of the pandemic, getting an effective workout in the comfort of your own living room has never been so efficient and budget-friendly.

Make it social

What’s a tried-and-true way to stay motivated? Enlist a workout buddy. Not only does it hold you accountable, but it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.


person cycling on road distance with mountain during daytime

No matter how old you are, it’s always wise to get a doctor’s opinion before embarking on a new fitness journey. (And, absolutely crucial if you are pregnant or postpartum!) A medical expert can suggest the best way to implement a balanced exercise routine, addressing any specific concerns you may have. For example, you may benefit from weight-bearing exercise if your goal is to build bone strength, but other health issues may mean that low low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio is preferable.


Similarly, while high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be all the rage in the fitness world, it might be too strenuous for some people. Similarly, HIIT requires lots of jumping around and short bursts of intense movement, which can lead to injury if your form is off. On the other hand, low impact exercise still guarantees a workout, while being a lot more gentle on your joints. It’s also ideal for those new to exercising and still works the entire body– think Yoga, Pilates, barre, walking, and swimming. And, to still get a sweaty heart-pumping workout, consider rowing, indoor cycling, or the elliptical.

Creating your own personal fitness program doesn't have to be hard, strenuous work — you’ll get enough of that during your workouts! Focus on building a sustainable routine and the rest will soon fall into place.


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