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5 Hot Mullets That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair

5 Hot Mullets That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair

Whether you like it or not, hot mullets are making a comeback. Now let's see what modern mullets look like!

We’re low-key obsessed with these hot mullets making a comeback in the Gen Z community.

When it comes to which hairstyles are in at any given moment, hot mullets seem to be a recurring trend. Some people hate them, while others love them. And some grew up in the '70s and '80s with mullets everywhere they turned, so this hairstyle is a blast to the past in more ways than one.

most mullets

This mullet is a perfect texture which works really well with the vibe. It provides enough volume and interest so it's not too awkward-looking. The color also adds a beautiful vibrance to the mullet we’re obsessing over.

hair cut

The solid color of this mullet provides a certain level of put together you’d be surprised to see in a typical mullet. The baby bangs really tie the whole look together. How cute is this?!

pink hair

If you’re going to do a mullet, you may as well go all out right? This cut is super edgy with different layers and razor-cut edges to look very rock-n-roll. It’s almost paying homage to the classic 80s mullet and mohawk and we’re living for it.

brown hair

Worried it won’t look good with naturally wavy hair? Well fear no more because it will look even better than you imagine. The best part about mullets? You don’t have to worry about getting a trim for months. As it grows, it’ll continue looking super cute!

cut hair

If you want to really make a statement, you can go very mullet-like by shaving off all of the hair in the front and keeping it wild and textured in the back. This look is not for the faint of heart and needs a high level of confidence to pull off! But if you got it, flaunt it!

Do you think you could rock one of these hot mullet styles? Admittedly there are way too many trends from the past that have resurfaced that we wish didn’t. However, this hot mullet trend has been so fun to see, and there hasn’t been one we haven’t loved. If you’re officially convinced to get the cut, book an appointment with one of our PROs on the MOBILESTYLES App, so you can get the perfect mullet instead of risking messing it up at home! Rock on!


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