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5 Things You Should Toss in Your Fall Closet Clean Out

5 Things You Should Toss in Your Fall Closet Clean Out

Having a closet clean out a couple of times a year is always a good. The new season is the perfect time for a fall closet clean out.

When you do a fall closet clean out, you’re making space for the new this season! 

If you’re anything like me, getting rid of unwanted clothes can be challenging. You ask yourself questions like, “Well, maybe I’ll wear this?” or “This is cute, I never wear this!” For a successful fall closet clean out, you have to detach yourself from the clothing items you think you might wear again, because chances are that you won't. 

Clothes that are too small OR too big

Okay, we’ve all been there, we all have clothes that do not fit us that we keep anyways. “Maybe in three months, I’ll lose enough weight, and this pair of jeans will fit,” but we know deep down that we’ve owned these jeans for a WHILE, and we have yet to fit into them.

Maybe it’s not a pair of jeans, but we all have an item in our closet that does not fit us anymore, but we keep convincing ourselves that it just might one day. Quit waiting for one day and throw that item away. By getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, you’ll be able to make room for clothing that fits well and makes you shine.

Worn out undies

Sometimes you keep things because they’re comfy, but upon further inspection, should you keep them? I know I’m guilty of keeping old underwear or bras that have holes or rips in them. It’s hard to let go of the bra you’ve been living in for years, but a good rule of thumb is to go through your undergarments once a year to weed out the ones that need to go. You deserve to have undies and bras without holes.

Mix matched socks

We all have socks where we cannot find the pairs. Just get rid of them.

Clothes you haven’t worn in six or more months

Clothing is sentimental, but if you haven’t worn them in six or more months, it’s time to let them go. Ask yourself, do they bring you joy? Do you love this item? DOES IT FIT?

Uncomfortable shoes

You know the ones, the heels or boots you keep at the end of the closet. The ones you never wear because they give you blisters and hurt. Sure, they’re cute but are they worth taking up space in your wardrobe? Probably not.


blue shelf with pair of slip-ons and five clothes

Once you’ve detached yourself from the clothing items you’ve been clinging onto for years, you can begin your successful fall closet clean out. Donate the clothes to charity or even sell the nicer items for some extra cash! 


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