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4 Best Promposal Ideas Virtual Edition

4 Best Promposal Ideas: Virtual Edition

Looking for the best promposal ideas? Check out our suggestions for cute ways to ask someone to prom!

 From poster boards to serenades, we’ve seen many different promposal ideas. 

Just like last year, many dances are not happening virtually instead of in person. Even if you can’t celebrate in person, that doesn't mean you can’t live out your prom fantasies. Look over our promposal ideas to make the most of asking someone to prom!


Incorporate a Background

Technology is super fun and creative. So, it should come as no surprise that you can incorporate technology into your proposal idea. While playing around with your computer on Zoom, you may have noticed the fun background filter where you can change your background to whatever image you want. Changing your background to ask your soon-to-be date to prom is the perfect opportunity. If you are a design-savvy person, you can play around with different backdrops in Photoshop to create the right image.

creat a video

Create a Video

Take away the nerves of asking someone through a video call or in-person by creating a video. Pour your heart out or make a humorous video to ask your date to prom. Once you finish filming, edit, and add fun text, animations, or stickers, add even more personality. Then, send it off to your potential date!

yellow and pink daisies

Send Flowers or an Edible Arrangement

Even though it is hard to meet in person, delivery is still an option! Ask your prom date through flowers or food! Each option has the opportunity to leave a note. On that note, you can simply ask, ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ Not only are you guys staying socially distant, but your date has a higher chance of saying yes because who doesn’t love flowers or delicious snacks? Here’s a tip: try to order these arrangements at least three days before sending them.


Dress Up in a Costume

Add to your virtual promposal by dressing up in a costume. It does not need to be Halloween to have some silly fun. Take an inside joke and make it come to life. Or, dress up as a hot dog to get a couple of laughs. No matter what you dress up, it will be a memorable experience for both parties.

With these ideas in hand, it is time to ask someone to prom — virtually. Have a unique promposal story? Share your story with us on social media!


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