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5 Yoga Poses For Sitting All Day Relief

5 Yoga Poses For Sitting All Day Relief

Stuck at your desk most of the day? Relieve your tensions with 5 yoga poses for sitting all day!

Combat health issues from sitting all day with yoga poses.

Remaining sedentary all day in front of a computer can cause a lot of detrimental stress to our bodies, such as increased risk of heart attack, depression, and even premature aging. By practicing yoga poses for sitting all day, you’ll reduce and maybe even eliminate potential health problems.


1. Mountain Pose

After a long day of hunching forward, the mountain pose will counteract it by allowing you to open your back and chest. For this pose, stand straight and reach your arms over your head. With an exhale reach your arms back slightly for a small backbend.

facing dog

2. Downward Facing Dog

To come into this pose, move into an inverted V with your body. Place your hands in front of your body and push the ground away from you for a spinal stretch.


3. Fish Pose

For this pose, sit straight up with your toes pointed. Slowly reach back as you bring your hands under your hips and lean onto your forearms. If you can, reach your head to the ground. This stretch is especially great for reducing tension.

cat and cow pose

4. Cat + Cow Pose Flow

This simple flow allows for you to reset your spine after a whole day of sitting at a desk. You will start on all fours on a tabletop position. Reach your stomach to the ground and open your chest for a cow pose. Then slowly hunch your back and tuck your pelvis in for a cat pose. Do this for a few breaths. You can even do this every hour as you work to get some relief throughout the day.

woman stretching wearing black bra and pants

5. Cobra Pose

Backbends can be difficult for some people, but the cobra pose allows you to get into the pose without being too extreme. For this pose, start on your stomach. Place your hands by your chest and with an exhale, push them on the ground, lifting your chest into the air. Keep your gaze upward so there isn’t tension in your jaw.

There isn’t much we can do about having such sedentary jobs, but there are habits you can develop to reduce some of the inevitable risks. Being able to stretch your body with yoga poses for sitting all day can greatly reduce any unnecessary stress on your spine, and even improve your posture throughout the day.


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