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Your Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist

Your Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist

Make your spring cleaning a success with the best deep cleaning checklist!

Grab your dusters, brooms, and mops — it’s time to get your house in order with this deep cleaning checklist.

Spring has sprung, and that can only mean one thing — spring cleaning! Our deep cleaning checklist will make yours a success.

Yes, it is time to grab out your dusters, mops, and brooms and start working away in your home. We want to help you get your house in order. Follow our deep cleaning checklist to ensure you’re optimizing your spring cleaning efforts.

That is why we created your ultimate spring cleaning checklist below.

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Collect all the Supplies

Anytime you clean, you need specific supplies. You may have the normal things laying around — disinfectant, vacuum, mop, etc. But when you are deep spring cleaning, you will need to add extra supplies like garbage bags, dusters, grout cleaning solutions, and more. You can find many of these supplies online or at your local supermarket. We recommend stocking up early. Once spring hits, more and more people are going to have the same cleaning ideas as you.


Have a Trash Pile

While you are cleaning, you will come across trash — it is inevitable. It is always a good idea to keep trash bags around while you are cleaning. And if you have recycling, you should make sure to separate the trash from the recycling. Make sure to remove all trash bags from your home after they are full. You do not want to attract pests like rodents or cockroaches.


Have a Donate Pile

One of the best things about spring cleaning is decluttering your home. You can finally collect all the items you have been meaning to get rid of and donate them. Excellent items to donate are working, used, gently-used, or new clothing, toys, furniture, electronics, books, movies, and other home items. Not only can you write them off on your taxes, but you are saving the environment at the same time.


Take it One Room at a Time

When you are cleaning, you do not have to take on every room at once. This is very important the bigger your house is. Instead, take your cleaning job one room at a time. Start with the biggest room or area and then work your way to the smaller rooms. You can also work on the room that is used the most first. Just remember to carry around your supplies.

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Do the Outdoor Tasks on a Different Day

Cleaning, in general, takes a lot of energy out of you. And when you add outdoor tasks on top of that, you will be exhausted and could even accidentally harm yourself. You will always want to monitor the weather. You do not want to work on a day that is rainy or too hot. Find a day that is around 70 degrees with no rain.


Wear the Appropriate Clothes

Yes, you should wear a specific attire when you are cleaning. Since you are moving all over the place and dealing with cleaning solutions, you will want to wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move and that can get stained or ruined. Those old baggy sweatpants or shirts from college or vacation will do the trick.


Remember to Take Breaks

Always remember to take breaks. You are not a machine, so you do get tired, especially when you are constantly moving around. After a few hours, take a 15-30 minute break to rejuvenate yourself. You will also need to take water and food breaks. You have to remember to take care of yourself even while cleaning.

Try out our deep cleaning checklist and let us know how it goes! Tag us @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


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