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5 Tips to Becoming a True Vintage Clothing Pro

5 Tips to Becoming a True Vintage Clothing Pro

Vintage clothes are hard to come by, and they make you look unique. Check out our tips for stepping into your true vintage clothing era!

Incorporating true vintage clothing is a way to ensure that you always have a look that's uniquely you.

Wearing true vintage clothing ensures you always have a look that's uniquely you.


With several designers and stores making “retro” clothing, finding true vintage clothing can be difficult. Level up your shopping skills so you can locate pieces that are truly blast from the past.

Like everything, it takes practice and patience to become a pro at unearthing good finds. Here’s how to make like a magpie and find your treasure.

white tape measure and gray scissors


Most true vintage pieces do not adhere to the clothing size system we are used to today. Indeed, so much of what you’re likely to find also has no labels or a barely-legible one. Particularly if you’re shopping online, knowing your measurements is critical as any reputable seller will include a garment’s flat measurements (i.e., its size when not being worn) in the product descriptions. Time to dig out that tape measure!


There are certain brands and designers that a) will retain their value and b) will always be timeless. These are the ones to keep your beady eyes peeled for when browsing. If you want to start getting more into the fun pastime that is vintage shopping (clothing fairs on weekends and nail-biting online auctions!), I suggest you brush up on your fashion history. For example, if you lean towards a more bohemian style, then the 1970s and its free-flowing silhouettes are the decades for you. If you like a power shoulder and a more structured fashion, then it’s all about the 1980s and 1990s. From podcasts to YouTube and coffee table books, immerse yourself in your chosen era, and it’ll make the hunting a lot more fun!

Woman Wearing White Long-sleeved Shirt With Scarf Standing Near Clothes

Know a Tailor

Find a trusted alterations specialist and keep them close! Of course, when perusing vintage, everything is a once-off, so, unfortunately, there’s no chance of finding it in a bigger or smaller size. Enter: the tailor. I find this game-changer when shopping secondhand because it allows you to focus first and foremost on a garment’s potential. Would that blazer be more flattering without the Dynasty-style shoulder pads? Can the hem on that midi dress be raised to the knee? Or maybe those flares in the perfect color could be taken in at the waist? Time to call the tailor and find out! With vintage, the simplest bespoke alteration can bring it into a whole new era.

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

Thrift store

Do you find shopping in a true vintage store overwhelming? I don’t blame you. An entry-level way to have fun mixing pre-loved pieces into your closet is to head to the thrift store instead. Thrift stores tend to contain everything from last season’s high street to a random designer steal—and a whole array in between.


How to shop vintage the millennial way? Instagram, of course! The social media app is a bonafide shoppable paradise of unique fashion, thanks to the many small independent businesses who style their wares in engaging ways. Thanks to the internet, there’s no need to travel all over the country in pursuit of the best finds—they’re right there at your fingertips. Time to get double-tapping!

How do you normally find true vintage clothing? Tell us on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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