After rocking darker colors in the winter months, it’s time to switch up your nail color for lighter, more playful hues. Something about swapping the deep colors to lively, more radiant colors brightens my mood, you know?

If you’re looking for some nail inspo for the new season, look no further. . . I got you! Here are the top nail trends you’ll see everywhere this spring!

Pastel Colors

Pastels are a classic spring trend and make an appearance every season. Pastel blue, pink, and green will be the most popular pastel color trend. Not only is it cute and chic, but it’s light enough to be considered a “neutral”, yet still give you that pop of color you crave.

Indie Nails

Indie nails are all the rage this season for spring. . . but wait, what are indie nails? “Indie nails” are when you take a different approach to painting each nail. So maybe on one finger, you’ll have a flower design, on the other a french tip, maybe one with a cow print.

According to Pinterest, the user search for this nail trend has increased by 22%, so you’ll for sure see this trend everywhere this season!

Unique French Manicures

Why have a boring, white french manicure when you could have a unique one? Unique french manicures will be seen everywhere this spring season.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors! Try a bright yellow french manicure or even combine two trends and do pastel colored french tip nails.

Velvet Nails

Popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, this trend has made a comeback! Made with metallic and glitter accents, velvet nail polish basically creates a “sparkle” and “textured velvet” effect when the light hits your polish just right.

Different colored nails

person wearing round black analog watch

Out of all the spring nail trends, this one is probably my favorite. Simple, effective, and stylish, this trend is when you paint each nail a different color. It’s super cute and easy to try at home or at a salon. Don’t be afraid to play with color and try them all!

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