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6 Trendy Home Decor Ideas Popular on Instagram

6 Trendy Home Decor Ideas Popular on Instagram

Switch up your home décor with some trendy décor items sure to improve the vibe!

Achieve your dream home transformation with these trendy home décor ideas.

With some strategic redecorating and new trendy decor, your home can look brand new.

After being stuck at home, constantly staring at the same decorations — it’s time for an update. Refresh your home and your eyes with some new trendy decor pieces.


Well, how else are you supposed to showcase your #OOTD? Granted, the mirror du jour that has been trending all over social media is impossible to find (and even more impossible to afford!) Ultra Fragola by Ettore Sottsas. Suppose you don’t happen to have a spare 10 thousand lying around to track down the supermodel-approved statement piece. In that case, we suggest leaning any large mirror elegantly against a blank wall for both a boost to your feng shui and the perfect vehicle to capture all your at-home content.

mirror design


It’s been trending for a while, but rest assured that dried foliage and aesthetically pleasing pampas grass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the demand for the inexpensive home decor hack still evident, statement vases are also having a moment. Matte, neutral-hued options are all the rage but so too are vintage-style Murano and colorful glass-blown options. There’s also the trend for female form styles, thanks to the viral, sold-out Anissa Kermiche offerings. Pick your fighter!

Bunch of dry plants in vase


At this stage, the bubble “Instagram sofa” needs little introduction. Indeed, as soon as you Google the term, results for the Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa appear! The comfortable and swoon-worthy 70s-style squishy couch by the award-winning architect and designer has become a cult favorite again thanks to the platform and its tastemakers — and naturally, it will cost you a pretty penny. If your budget is more in line with IKEA than MoMa (where Bellini’s work is regularly featured), then consider jazzing up your current sofa with some throw cushions, blankets, or even a DIY upholstery job.

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

Gallery walls

Another Instagram hit: personalize your living space with a curated gallery wall, brimming with art, mementos, and photographs you love. The best part? Not only will it put a smile on your face taking a trip down memory lane, but there’s no way to mess it up. The key is to have everything slightly mismatched and spontaneous.

grayscale photo of man and woman


Tell me you’re house proud without telling me you’re house proud. Easy! Just peep someone’s burgeoning plant collection in their home. Take it from us: while greenery certainly livens up a space, plants are notoriously hard work and require consistent tending to. Alas, there are plenty of helpful mobile apps that will teach you how to care for certain varieties and how much watering they really need.

Neon signs

Why say it aloud when you can spell it out in splashy colors on your wall? This is the question millennials are seemingly asking themselves as eye-catching neon signs continue to surge in popularity. Go all out and order a custom one with your favorite catch phrase or mantra, or pick up one of the relatively inexpensive home kits that allow you to create a simple graphic or word of your choosing.

Photo of Led Signage on the Wall

What trendy decor pieces did we miss? Let us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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