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We Accept the Rose for these Iconic Bachelor Hairstyles

We Accept the Rose for these Iconic Bachelor Hairstyles

Did you watch the most recent season of The Bachelor? I did. And let me tell you — it was nothing short of entertaining.

Matt James' Bachelor experience was full of drama, and this season kept us on our toes.

Personally, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the iconic hairstyles these Bachelor women sported throughout the season. Gotta look good for your man, right?

Here are some of the best hairstyles we noticed this season:



Bri was one of the final three women in competition for Matt James' heart, and our jaws literally dropped when she walked into the room for her final rose ceremony, rocking a slick black dress with an even slicker low bun. Unfortunately Matt sent her home this night, but we applaud this look through and through!



MJ is a hairstylist by trade, so we’re not shocked that she has some of the best natural curls we’ve ever seen. She rocked her curls throughout the entire season, and we are so here for it. One of our favorite looks she sports is wearing a bandana to hold back her curls. Remind me to go get a perm once salons open back up!



Although Anna received a lot of backlash during the season for spreading a rumor that could’ve destroyed another contestant’s life, we have to give credit where it’s due, and we lost our minds when Anna showed up in an Ariana-inspired high pony with clipped back bangs. So cute!



Raise your hand if you died a little bit inside when Pieper and Matt flipped the switch in the middle of the woods to reveal an entire carnival, catered solely to the two of them. * raises hand * Pieper was another contestant who rocked her natural curls throughout the season. One of our favorite looks was her curls with slicked back bangs for the Women Tell All episode. We love changing things up!



Victoria was nothing short of a character this season. When she pulled up on night one, she was wearing a tiara and referred to herself as “Queen Victoria.” In her lower thirds, it even showed her occupation as “Queen.” I guess manifestation is everything? We can’t get over the fact that she wore a tiara throughout the season. All hail Queen Victoria!



Our shaved head queen! Chelsea pulled up in the limo for the first time and took our breath away with her stunning style. I could never pull off a shaved head like she can — that’s a fact. She had a conversation with Matt James about shaving her head during quarantine, and then she was featured on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, saying, “I just think that as women, and especially as Black women, so much of our self worth is tied to our hair . . . I don’t need hair to be feminine. I don’t need hair to be beautiful. I don’t need hair to be attractive to men. It was such a liberating thing . . . even though I’ve never had a shaved head, somehow I feel more like myself without hair.” I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Now that Matt James' season is over, it’s time for two new Bachelorettes this year: Katie and Michelle. We can’t wait to see what hairstyles they showcase!

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