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MOBILESTYLES Office Makeup Dos amp Donrsquots

MOBILESTYLES' Office Makeup Dos & Don’ts

Got a new job and you're not quite sure of their protocol when it comes to appearance? Learn the rules about office makeup before you start!

Now that many people are heading back into the office, here’s a refresher on office makeup dos and don’ts.

It’s time to dip your brushes or sponges back into the office makeup game.

If you are going back to work, check out these office makeup dos and don’ts.


Do Use Natural Colors

Bold looks are great for wanting to make a statement in a crowd, but at work, you are trying to look professional and part of a team. We recommend you stick to natural or light colors, especially for your eyes and lips. You can never go wrong with a gold, shimmery eye and a natural pink lip.

Don’t Test New Products

A mistake that many beauty lovers do is test out new products at work. New items are super exciting, but what if you have an allergic reaction? Or what if the color doesn’t match your skin tone? You don’t want these mishaps to happen while you’re at work. Instead, if you’re using a new product, try to test it out on your wrist first to see the reaction or wait until the weekend.


Do Go With a Healthy Glow

One of the best things you can do in your office makeup routine is to add subtle amounts of highlight or bronzer to make your face glow. A healthy-looking glow will help you stand out and liven your face, so you look more alert and ready to take on the day. However, you do not want to blind your boss or coworkers, instead, add a splash of the product.


Do Not Wear False Eyelashes

While we love cute falsie moments, they are not necessarily appropriate for work. False eyelashes typically are very long and dramatic. They are great for nightlife, photos, or videos. However, in the office, they can hide your eyes. And eye contact is extremely important when you are working with others.


Do Follow Your Company’s Guidelines

Your company has a detailed wardrobe guideline for you to follow. You should always reference it if you have any questions or concerns about your makeup and outfit choices. If your company does not have a detailed guideline, you can always reach out to your manager or HR representative for better clarification.

Now that you know the office makeup dos and dont's, it is time to get back to work. Good luck and remember to stay safe!


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