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What City would You Like to Get Styled in

What City would You Like to Get Styled in?

MOBILESTYLES is available in Los Angeles, but will expand to Orange County, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego. Stay tuned for more details!


Photo: Tom Sodoge via Unsplash

There’s a hot new app in town, and it's called Mobile Styles. The app is currently only available in Los Angeles but will expand to several cities in the US. Mobile styles will be operational in Orange County, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego. Okay, so what exactly does this app do and why should you be excited about it?


Mobile Styles is an on-demand app that brings beauty and health professionals to your door anytime, anywhere. In a busy city like LA, one where individuals juggle work, errands, and family and friends, there’s hardly any time to take care of you. Haircuts, massages, hair extension sessions? It can take days, sometimes even weeks or more to book an appointment with your favorite stylist. You want some R&R, and you want it now! Here lies the beauty of Mobile Styles. It cuts the tedious scheduling of booking an appointment. Each professional working with Mobile Styles is at the top of their game. Whether they’re a seasoned stylist or a recognized up and coming pro, their service providers listen to their clients' needs.


Available on the AppStore and Google Play, the registration process only takes a few simple steps. Find the perfect stylist in your city by scrolling through their portfolio. Booking a session only takes a few taps of a button. Before you know it, you’ll have a stylist on their way to your home, office, or hotel.

Excited yet? Well, stay tuned because in a matter of time this app will be available in various cities across the United States. Soon, you’ll be able to style yourself in any city you like.


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