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7 Clean Beauty Brands You Need to Invest in

7 Clean Beauty Brands You Need to Invest in

Protecting your skin and the environment is all the rage in the beauty world. That’s why we’ve broken down 7 clean beauty brands you need to check out.

More and more people are making their way to safer and more eco-friendly products, including the beauty world.

If you are ready to switch over to an environment-friendly beauty routine, then you need to check out these seven clean beauty brands.

Beauty Counter

From clean skincare and makeup to bath and body products, the Beauty Counter has it all. The creator of this brand learned in 2011 that the U.S. only banned 30 ingredients in personal hygiene products, where other countries like the European Union have over 1400 ingredients. Horrified about this discovery, the creator of the Beauty Counter created this clean beauty brand with an emphasis on sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, safety screening, ingredient transparency, environmental footprinting, and much more.

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Versed Skin

If you’re looking for a new skincare company that will give you a breakdown of what works best for your skin type, then you need to check out Versed Skin. When you head to the website, start with their Skin Decoder to discover what works best for your skin. They have a wide variety of clean facial cleansers, toners, serums, masks, and treatments for every skin type. Every item you purchase from Versed Skin has 60% of recyclable packaging, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, 100% vegan ingredients, and 100% responsible material resourcing.

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Anita Grant

Check out this award-winning natural hair and skincare brand, Anita Grant, for even more clean beauty products. This beauty brand is known for its organic and naturally curly hair treatments as well as its beauty products. All items are cruelty-free, handmade, fresh, made to order, and from the United Kingdom. Anita Grant also has a successful giving back loan program where they award entrepreneurs in developing countries a percentage of their proceeds from every order.


While KLUR doesn’t have many products (nine items in total), this clean beauty brand still makes an impact with every use. As a luxury brand, their prices range from $40 to $115. They have items that can help with your face and nails. This clean beauty brand is woman-owned and operated, independent, and self-funded. All products focus on sustainability.

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If you like clean products while saving money at the same time, then you need to head over to Saie. They have a wide variety of face, lip, and eye products. You can even buy curated clean beauty kits. Saie was created with the clean consumer in mind. They took all the questions and concerns people had and created sustainable products that are safe for not only you but the environment as well. Every product has recyclable packaging and responsible resourcing of materials and ingredients. Plus, they are now officially Climate Neutral Certified.

Tata Harper Skincare

Stock up on all your clean beauty luxury needs with Tata Harper Skincare. They have a variety of products ranging from serums, toners, moisturizers, CBD products, and more. There is even an in-home spa section where they help you build everything you need to enjoy a spa at home. If you are struggling with what you need for your skincare routine, check out their Green Routing quiz. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients in Vermont. They have PETA cruelty-free, American Vegetarian Association vegetarian formulas, FSC paper from sustainably managed forests, and ECOCERT certifications.

True Botanicals

Consumers like statistics and tests, and True Botanicals make sure you have those results. All their products are clinically tested, reviewed, and proved. Their items also have MADE SAFE seals, which means they are free of over 6500 harmful or toxic ingredients. They also are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, free of genetically modified organisms, and natural-biocompatible. Plus, there is a 30-Day Guarantee on all their products.

These were just seven clean beauty brands. There are many more out there. Did we miss out on your favorite? Shoot us a message today with the clean beauty brands you love.


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