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Top 5 Gifts to Give Your Beautician on Their Special Day

Top 5 Gifts to Give Your Beautician on Their Special Day

National Beautician’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to thank your beauty professional for all the hard work they do to make sure you look sensational!

We all know how challenging keeping up with our looks is.

Those constant root touch-ups, frequent manicures and pedicures, and even those deep-tissues massages that alleviate stress after a busy week. Health and beauty professionals work as hard as you and should be appreciated for it!

In honor of all Beauitican’s nationwide, we’ve created this list of top items to gift your health and beauty professional on their special day. 


Work hard and play even harder. Health and beauty professionals get into the business because they’re passionate about their craft and love to make clients feel amazing. Why not give your beautician the same treatment they give you? Minutes of prolonged bliss while relaxing in the comfort of their home. When you gift a MOBILESTYLES eGift Card, you’re gifting peace of mind, tranquility, and beauty all in one card. Click here to purchase!

Gift card


Many beauticians need focus and concentration while servicing their clients. This means they don’t need distractions as they multitask; they especially don’t need hair in their face. Give your beautician an item that’ll elevate their concentration and ultimately lead to success. Headbands are great for keeping those flyaways away from the face.

Personalized Drinkware 

Nothing says “thank you” like a personalized wine glass (or shot glass). One of our favorite stores to shop for personalized items is Things Remembered. Well-known and respected for their ability to capture special moments on someone’s favorite item, this store knows everything about personalization. Give your hairdresser or barber a personalized wine glass or shot glass to make their day!

imageVina 18.5 OZ. White Wine Glass


Personalized Travel Mugs

Mornings aren’t complete without coffee. Everyone over the age of 25 knows how important the first sip of coffee is in the morning during that commute. Show your beautician you appreciate how far they travel to you and are thinking of them with a personalized travel mug to keep their coffee or tea warm as they start their day. 

Personalized Hourglass Timer

You’ve heard the saying, “If you’re on time, you’re late.” Give your health and beauty professional a personalized hourglass timer, so they’re always ahead of schedule. With an array of colors, there’s something for everyone. This sophisticated gift settles at the bottom in intervals of 30 minutes and will definitely make your health and beauty professional feel special and appreciated!

Let us know what you’ll be giving your health and beauty professional on National Beautician’s Day! Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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