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Game-Changing Beauty and Grooming Tips For Men

Game-Changing Beauty and Grooming Tips For Men

Men need self-care and a bomb routine too! These grooming tips for men will have you looking like the most handsome man in the room.


Gone are the days of using your 8-in-1 shampoo for every step of your beauty and grooming routine.

It’s time to step up your game with these beauty and grooming tips for men that are sure to give you a much needed self-care boost!

Make sure your skin is hydrated

There’s nothing worse than dry skin. Keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by ensuring that you’re drinking at least two liters of water everyday. To give your skin an extra boost of hydration incorporate a daily moisturizer into your morning routine. Hydrating your skin is a quick and easy way to give yourself a boost without trying too hard!

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

The other main components of skincare for men are cleansing and exfoliating. Using a gentle cleanser, wash your face every day to ensure that you’re clearing away any dirt, sweat, pollution, and oils from your skin. For more of a deep clean, incorporate an exfoliant into your routine and use 1-2 times per week! A physical or chemical exfoliant will deep clean your pores while providing anti-aging benefits and smoother skin. BONUS: shaving your face is an effective way of exfoliation.

Exfoliate your lips

Dry, cracked lips are not a good look. While your favorite chapstick is a good start, you need to exfoliate. To make things easier for you, while you’re brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush to scrub the surface of your lips, and then apply your chapstick for best results.

Topless Man Washing His Face

Shampoo less and condition more

Frizzy, dry hair is gone! Swap out your daily shampooing for conditioning instead. While we don’t recommend ditching your shampoo permanently, using a conditioner instead will keep your locks soft and moisturized.

SPF is key

Sun protection is so important for everyone to incorporate into their lives–especially if you work or spend a lot of time outside. Another sun damage culprit is harmful UV exposure while driving a car, which is why it’s so important to be using sunscreen every single day (regardless of the weather or your activities for the day).

Oil soak for dry hands

If you’re prone to dry, cracked hands, soak your hands in warm water mixed with a little bit of olive oil for 10 minutes a couple of times a week. This mixture will hydrate and soften your hands.

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