We’re breaking down all of the benefits of this amazing ingredient! Keep reading.

Vitamin C is a skin brightener

Vitamin C works to brighten skin, fade dark spots, melasma, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. If you’ve ever wanted a clearer and smoother complexion, you need to be incorporating vitamin C into your skincare routine every day!

Vitamin C can even brighten under eyes

Because vitamin C is a skin brightening ingredient, that means it can improve the appearance of dark undereye circles too! Many undereye skincare products contain this magical ingredient.

Vitamin C boosts collagen production

Vitamin C is an acidic product, so it encourages your skin to heal itself from the inside out, therefore, boosting collagen and elastin production and making your skin look more youthful. Vitamin C is an essential ingredient when it comes to making your skin appear more youthful.

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Vitamin C reduces wrinkles

People who consume lots of vitamin C in their diet typically have less wrinkles. So why not give yourself an extra boost with topical vitamin C as well!

Vitamin C can help fade scarring

Vitamin C works wonders when it comes to fading acne scars, but did you know that it works for other scars too? In a 2013 study those who applied vitamin C topically to surgery scars experienced amazing scar lightening benefits and wound healing.

Vitamin C protects your skin

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin from sun damage, pollution, stress, and other environmental factors. Put on your vitamin C serum everyday to protect your skin from damaging free radicals that can cause early skin aging, dark spots, wrinkles, and even cancer.

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