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4 Safe and Fun Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

4 Safe and Fun Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

If you want to enjoy going outside again but want to keep safe, check out these outdoor entertainment ideas!

Close that laptop and start planning your perfect outdoor entertainment.

It’s time to plan some safe outdoor entertainment with friends and family, away from technology.

As the world creeps back to some form of normality, we’re slowly able to plan things IRL again. Scheduling outdoor entertainment activities with family and friends is the best way to reconnect with people while staying safe.

Here’s a little guide to get you started if you’re sitting around scratching your head looking for ideas, we get it. It’s been a while!


Say hello to one of spring and summer’s most blissful activities: the outdoor picnic. For max enjoyment, we suggest going all-in on the stereotypical set-up: wicker basket, checkered blanket, baguettes, cheese, charcuterie, fruit, pastries, and jellies. We guess that you won’t have a hard time convincing anyone to join you with an offering like that. And if your friends aren’t actually in the same place as you, have them connect with you virtually from their nearest park or even their backyard! After all, it’s the perfect excuse for you both to use that Parisian-inspired Zoom background you once came across.


Wine tasting

Here’s another one you can do in person or virtually—all you need is a couple of bottles of various wines, some crackers for a palette cleanse, and a pen and paper. Thanks to the pandemic, plenty of direct-to-consumer “wine clubs” and wine subscription box companies have sprung up to discovering new brands and blends easier than ever before, so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to support a new startup venture. (Whoever needed an excuse to add more wine!) As you make your way through the selections, don’t forget to take some notes to channel your inner sommelier. We’ll drink that!

wine tasting

Book club

Many people are likely craving a return to analog after so much time spent glued to screens and devices, and many people are likely craving a return to analog! As such, book clubs are surging in popularity across the country. Enlist your pals and make an evening of it once a month—perhaps decide that you’ll support the local community too by ordering food and refreshments from a nearby small business. You can also pick a theme for each month to mix it up and keep everyone engaged. Think writers of color, female voices, nonfiction, etc. The world is your literary oyster!


Painting night

It’s time to hit up your nearest Michael’s or art supply store! Stock up on blank canvases, paints, brushes, and palettes, and tell your friends to channel their inner Picasso. Decide on a theme (any simple still life set up, like a fruit bowl or a shoe works great, or alternatively you could paint each other!) and let everyone’s creative juices flow.


What other forms of outdoor entertainment are you excited to do again? Lets us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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