Are you aware of the ways you might be damaging your own hair without realizing it? To stop damaging your hair, it’s important to evaluate your everyday routine to see if you may be causing breakage unknowingly.

The good news is that if your hair is fried from coloring or too much heat, there are steps you can take to prevent breakage, add moisture, and mend split ends.

Find out how with these tips below!

Washing your hair in steaming hot water

Hot, steamy showers feel great for achy muscles and can be an amazing pre-bedtime luxury, but the excess heat strips your hair and skin of its natural oils. Save the heat for the sauna and use cool or lukewarm water instead. Using cool water helps to close the hair cuticle and keeps the moisture inside your hair.

Drying your hair with a regular towel

A normal towel is typically made of cotton or terry cloth. The coarse texture is rough on your wet hair and can even cause small craters on your hair shaft as you twist, wring, and pat your hair dry, which causes frizziness and dryness. Try a hair wrap, microfiber towel, or even a satin/silk cloth to reduce breakage.

Overusing dry shampoo

We love using dry shampoo when you’re in a hurry and need your hair to look refreshed and clean. However, too much of a good thing can become an issue. Overuse can block your scalp pores causing dry skin and flaking . . . ouch!

heat control

Applying heat without a heat protectant

This one is common knowledge, but excessive straightening, curling, or blowouts will damage your hair due to the high heat. Make sure you are always using a heat protectant, especially if you have thin or dry hair. The last thing you want is frizz or breakage! You can also try lowering the temperature of your hairstyling tools if you’re running low on your heat protectant.

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