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Easy Yet Romantic Date Night Ideas Girls Love

Easy Yet Romantic Date Night Ideas Girls Love

Love is in the air with these easy, yet romantic ideal date night ideas!

Show your girl how much you love her with one of these easy, yet romantic ideal date night ideas.

Are you and your girlfriend tired of the same date night? Are you looking for something new? Are you looking to spice things up? If you said yes to these three questions, you came to the right place! As big supporters of love and fun, we’ve compiled a list of easy, yet romantic ideal date night ideas girls love.

Let’s get your outing started with one of these options below!



Call us old-fashioned, but girls still like taking walks with their significant others. Nothing beats being able to just enjoy each other’s company! This ideal date idea is easy because all you have to do is take a walk around your neighborhood or your local park. If you want to set the mood, we recommend taking an evening walk in a pretty area.

Ice Cream Parlor

Since love and ice cream are both sweet, it’s the perfect, easy date night for you and your girlfriend. Plus, who doesn’t like ice cream — especially on a hot summer day? Having an ice cream date also gives you the excuse to share a cone or spoon.

Sunrise/Sunset Watching

Let’s be honest, watching a sunrise or sunset with your significant other is extremely romantic (and, don’t forget FREE). You can watch the beautiful colors of nature with the person you love the most. For this date night, we recommend having mimosas or wine to add an extra layer of romance.


Game Night

You don’t always have to go out somewhere to have an easy yet romantic date night. Instead, if you have some fun games, you can enjoy your evening together — as opponents. We recommend trying some classics like UNO, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Candyland, Monopoly, and more.

Themed Restaurant

In general, themed places are always fun! But since you don’t want a hangry girlfriend, we recommend checking out a themed restaurant. If you live in a populated area, you may be able to find many different themes like nautical, western, tropical, rainforest, elegant, rustic, and many more! If you live in a rural area, you can venture out to a bigger area or even have an impromptu themed dinner that you create for yourselves at home.


Instagram Hot Spot

Do you have a girlfriend who loves social media? Does she like taking photos? Does she like unique places? Take her to an Instagram hot spot. Before the date, research any cool areas around where you live or up to one hour away from you. Once you find the spot, surprise her!

Get ready for a great date night with one of these ideal date ideas above. We love seeing happy people, so remember to shoot us some of your favorite date night photos on social media at @mobilestylesapp.

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