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Rejuvenate Your Skin With White Wine Popsicles

Rejuvenate Your Skin With White Wine Popsicles

Beat the summer heat with white wine popsicles! Combine the healthy parts of white wine, cranberries, grape juice, and berries for a naturally sweet treat.

White wine adds a fresh, clean taste to this fruity recipe. Each white wine popsicle recharges your body, protects your skin from UV damage, prevents wrinkles, and boosts your immune system.

“How is that possible,” did you ask?

The ingredients we selected boast a rich concentration of antioxidants that are essential for young-looking skin. According to this study, wine and fruits are some of the best sources to add antioxidants to your diet. They also pair deliciously in white wine popsicles!

How white wine popsicles rejuvenate your skin

  • White wine: When you consume it in moderation, white wine has been shown to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. No wonder the French drink it as an afternoon refresher!
  • Cranberries: They are a rare fruit source of the flavonol quercetin, which is known to fortify the cells and detoxify the body of harmful bacteria. The tart flavor balances the sweetness of our next ingredient.
  • Grape juice: Amongst other antioxidants, grapes are bursting with tannins in their skin and flesh. Unlike most teas, which are also rich in tannins, grape juice will not stain your teeth. We add it to our popsicles as juice for natural sweetness.
  • Berries: Fantastic for their long lasting health benefits! Even after the body metabolizes the berries, their molecules remain attached to your inner tissues, protecting you from free radicals.

Stretch out on the lounge chair, rub on the sunscreen, and enjoy a guilt-free treat to refresh you from the inside out!

white wine

White wine popsicles recipe


1 cup of dry white wine
¾ cup of white grape juice
¼ cup of unsweetened cranberry juice
½ cup of mixed berries (optional)


1. Stir the wine, grape juice, and cranberry juice in a large pitcher.
2. Place the berries in each popsicle mold.
3. Pour the mix over the berries.
4. Freeze for at least six hours.
5. Refresh your day instantly with a delicious treat!

Our white wine popsicles make for an inexpensive treat you can indulge all summer long. Keep in mind that they still carry significant alcohol content. Enjoy them in moderation.

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