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The Mobile Styles Experience What To Expect

The Mobile Styles Experience: What To Expect

Trying out a new beauty professional can be scary and intimidating. Here's what you can expect for your first appointment with a MOBILESTYLES PRO!


Photo: Ewout Paulusma via Unsplash

First, you let your professional know the hairstyle you want, this could be a buzz cut, a clipper cut, or a full men’s haircut. All of our professionals have the expertise and knowledge needed to tend to your every need. Once you’ve decided on your haircut, you now come to the more important and delicate service, a shave.

What is the process of a haircut and shave?

If this is your first time receiving a shave from a barber, be sure to let the professional know. All barbers make sure to let their client feel comfortable and relaxed prior to shaving them, particularly if this is their first time. They will probably initiate the conversation by asking you questions about your shaving routine, what is the process you go through yourself? They will proceed by telling you the proper technique, granting you know you can apply to your daily shaving routine in order to avoid cuts and razor burns.

What happens next is a standard procedure. Trims will be done prior to touching the mustache or beard, some will lather the skin, bracing it for a shave. After this stage, a hot towel will be placed over your face. This is necessary to relax and open the pores, as well as softening the beard. Afterward, the shave comes next.

Expect a relaxing session when booking a hair and shave appointment with Mobile Styles, not only will you leave feeling amazing, you’ll also be educated of the art by a professional.


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