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The Benefits Of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The Benefits Of Jamaican Black Castor Oil!

We bet you didn't know that Jamaican black castor oil is especially good for your... entire body! Here’s a full list of all of its benefits.

Jamaican black castor oil can improve hair health, skin health, and more!

Keep reading for the amazing benefits!

What is Jamaican black castor oil?

Jamaican black castor oil originates from castor oil. Castor oil comes from the beans and seeds of the castor oil plant. Castor oil is used in many different products and has a range of benefits. The difference in Jamaican black castor oil is the process in which it's extracted, giving it a whole new array of benefits!

1. Improve hair growth

One of the most common uses for Jamaican black castor oil is promoting hair growth. The oil helps encourage your hair to grow faster, longer, and thicker. Using this oil regularly can really increase your hair growth and have an amazing impact!

2. Natural hair moisturizer

One of the many incredible benefits of this oil is its moisturizing qualities. All hair needs moisture, whether it's curly, straight, thick, or thin. The great news is Jamaican black castor oil works on all types of hair!

The vitamins and fatty acids found in black castor oil are the true heroes. The fatty acids lubricate your hair, decreasing the chance of breakage. At the same time, vitamin E improves the overall health of your hair.

curly hair

3. Improve hair health

As mentioned earlier, Jamaican black castor oil improves your overall hair health. The oil's kind of like magic, doing nearly everything!

The oil can moisturize, prevent breakage, promote hair growth, and even fight split ends! There are a multitude of different ways to use Jamaican black castor oil on your hair, from a pre-shower treatment to a styler.

For a pre-shower treatment, apply the oil to your roots, tips, scalp, and everything in-between. Tuck in your hair with a shower cap or hot towel and let sit for 30 minutes. Then just go about your regular routine!

4. Reduce inflammation

Jamaican black castor oil can even reduce inflammation! We know this oil does it all.

Thanks to the primary fatty acid, ricinoleic, when applied topically, it can reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

This can also work on your scalp, relieving dry and irritated skin.

castor oil

5. Fight acne

Jamaican black castor oil can help prevent and fight acne. Inflammation causes acne, and castor oil is an anti-inflammatory. The oil also has antimicrobial properties that can fight and prevent bacteria on the skin.

Mix it with a carrier oil like coconut, almond, or olive to fight acne with castor oil. Apply the oil to your face after cleansing your skin, ideally before bed. Wipe off the mixture with a warm towel after three to five minutes.

massage oil

6. All-natural chapstick

Another great use of Jamaican black castor oil is as a chapstick or lip balm! Some store-bought and synthetic chapsticks can contain harmful ingredients. Castor oil is all-natural, making it the perfect option.

You can make your own chapstick with just a few extra ingredients. Or, you can buy a product containing castor oil.

Always remember to check with your dermatologist or doctor before using Jamaican black castor oil!

Those were just some of the many benefits of Jamaican black castor oil. How do you use the oil? Share with us on Instagram @mobilestylesapp!



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