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The Ultimate Guide To Blonde Box Braids

The Ultimate Guide To Blonde Box Braids

Thinking about getting blonde box braids? Don’t worry, blonde, brunette, or dyed, we have the complete guide!

Have you thought about getting blonde box braids? Don’t worry — blonde, brunette, or dyed, this is a great hairstyle!

Check out our complete guide!

Whether you go with blonde box braids or brunette, you’ll have a protective style that offers massive amounts of creativity. The process can be a little long and there are some things to look out for. That brings us to our first question.

box braids

What are box braids?

Box braids are one of the many beautiful varieties of protective hairstyles. They're similar to standard braids but have more tension, which prevents fly-aways and loose strands.

The braids aren't positioned flat against the scalp like cornrows. Instead, the hair is braided down the entire length and sectioned into squares or boxes.

what box braids

What's the prep like?

Like any other protective style, there's some preparation beforehand. Your hair will be protected for up to a few months, so you want to have it in its best condition.

Getting a scalp and protein treatment is a great way to prepare your hair for box braids. You'll want to pair these treatments with shampoo and deep conditioner for the best results.

For stylists, you'll want to use a lightweight oil from the root and ends when installing the braids.

You might also consider straightening your hair before the initial process. Having straightened hair can make the overall installation easier and quicker.

Picking the right size

Before you begin the procedure, you'll want to decide what size of the braid to go with. This size choice can come down to preference, goals, and purpose. You'll like to discuss all this with your stylist beforehand.

Do box braids hurt?

If braided improperly, box braids can be uncomfortable and even cause hair loss. If you are feeling discomfort during the process, speak up! Let your stylist know so they can alter their application. Make sure you're going to a well-respected stylist with a proven track record. When done correctly, the braids should never be uncomfortable.

How long does it take?

Protective styles can take quite some time; box braids are no exception. The time it takes will depend on your hair type and the skill of your stylist. In general, the whole session can take anywhere from four to eight hours. Make sure you and your stylist get along to avoid some awkward silence!

maintain box braids

How do you maintain box braids?

You don't want to throw away all that time spent at the stylist, so make sure you properly maintain your braids! The good news is that box braids are relatively easy to maintain.

1. Moisturize

Even though your hair is in a protective style, you'll still want to keep it healthy. Spritz your hair with a moisturizing oil or spray at least three to five times a week.

2. Wash

With box braids, you only have to wash your hair every two to three weeks. This is important to keep your scalp healthy and reduce buildup from products.

3. Don't over-style

You can style box braids in so many different ways! But don't overdo it. Pulling and manipulating your braids too often can loosen them faster than usual. Have fun; just don't go overboard.

4. Night care

You may already know this, but you need to have a proper night routine to properly care for any hairstyle! Wear a silk bonnet or scarf to reduce friction and frizz. Alternatively, use a silk or satin pillowcase.

5. Touch-ups

Box braids are easy to maintain but might require a touch-up here and there. If your braids are starting to become loose and frizzy, revisit your salon for a touch-up. This is an excellent way to get more life out of your style!

When do you take them out?

Box Braids aren't a forever hairstyle. You'll want to keep them in for eight to ten weeks max. Leaving in box braids for too long can cause breakage, buildup, and matting. There are tons of guides online on how to take out your braids, and this is one of our favorites!

Are you excited to get this new hairstyle? There are so many different styling options you can try. Try going with blonde box braids!

That's it for our guide on box braids! Show us your braids and protective styles over on Instagram @mobilestylesapp!


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