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6 Quick Date Ideas for the Busy Man

6 Quick Date Ideas for the Busy Man!

Are you having trouble finding time for romance? Here are some quick date ideas!

The good news is there are some great quick date ideas!

Here’s our list of the best options.

With work, family, and life, finding the time for romance can be incredibly tricky. The good news is, we have some quick date ideas you can schedule into any week!


Coffee date

One of the quickest first dates and easiest ways to get to know someone is through a coffee date. Nearly everyone loves coffee! You can get to know a person just from their drink of choice.

Try planning this date for your lunch break. Leaving the office for an hour to meet someone new is a great way to blow off stress. You can also plan this date early in the morning before you start working.

walk in the park

Walk in the park

Like the coffee date, a quick walk in the park is another excellent option. You can even combine the coffee date with walking in the park if you have the time.

Being in nature, getting some exercise, learning about each other, and catching up makes this an A+ option! Not to mention, some parks have ducks or other animals you can feed to spice things up.

Running errands together

This may not be the most romantic idea, but it's a great way to spend time with each other while getting things done. Who says knocking things off your to-do list can't be romantic?

Take your partner or date around the town with you on your errands. You can take your date to the grocery store or even the gym. Keep it flirty and fun! There are so many chances for jokes, teasing, and intimacy if you keep an open mind.

Museums and art galleries

Going to local museums and art galleries is an excellent speedy date choice! Viewing art with your date or partner is a great way to bond and learn about each other.

These dates can range from one to two hours. Most exhibits aren't going to take that much time to explore. Try setting this up for a weekend morning when you have some extra time. This date creates many talking points and areas of interest.


Drinks at the bar

Grabbing drinks is a classic option for a date, and that’s for a good reason! Getting drinks together can be an incredibly quick and simple way to get to know someone and spend time together.

You can grab drinks after work, after some errands, or even at lunch on the weekends! What makes this date perfect is how casual it can be. Meeting up and having a quick chat is a perfect way to spend time together, whether you’re on a first date or with a long-term partner.

homosexual couple

The zoom date

We're in the 21st century, baby! Although it can seem like a business meeting, this is a great way to spend time with each other when your schedules don't align.

Set up a Zoom date for a weekday evening. Make it romantic! Each of you can cook a meal and light some candles to set the vibe. Try watching your favorite shows together to make it a movie night. As always, keep it light-hearted and fun! Just because you're in between screens doesn't mean it can't be intimate.

There are so many great quick date ideas you can explore. These are just a few of our favorites. Try mixing and matching some of these options for the perfect first date. Or, bring your partner with you on some errands to make sure you’re spending time together!

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