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Make Your Eyes Shine with a Beautiful Eyebrow Arch

Make Your Eyes Shine with a Beautiful Eyebrow Arch

Eyebrow trends are constantly changing and evolving, but one thing's for sure — your eyebrow arch needs to be on point, and it can be with these tips!

Eyebrows are definitely one of the best facial features that add beauty and dimension to your face. Perfectly arched eyebrows are the key to a gorgeous look that radiates glamour and blends the shape of your face.


Photo Source: Pexels

Create the perfect arched eyebrows.

  • Measure Your Inside Brow: Align the brow pencil with the inside corner of your eye. Start where the line and your brow intersect. This line should not go over your nose's bridge. Extend the brow slightly past the inner corner of the eye.

  • Length Matters: Start one end of the pencil at the corner of your nose. Line it up with the outside corner of your eye at a 45-degree angle. The pencil should extend past the edge of your eye. This is the ideal length for your eyebrow.

  • Find Your Arch: Your pencil should be lined up to where your pupil is when looking straight. The extension of the pencil into your brow is where your arch should be.

  • Create Your Shape: Your eyebrow pencil should fill in all of the brow from your starting to ending point. You want some fullness to your brows. If they are too thin, they won’t shape your face.

  • Trim the Eyebrows: Using your eyebrow scissors, trim your brows from any hair that's the tops with any hairs that stick out.

  • Remove Extra Hairs: With angled tweezers, pull unwanted hairs from the outside of your shaped brows. Instead of plucking hairs from the top of the eyebrows, start from the bottom and outside edges to keep the shape of your arched brows.


Once you’ve arched your eyebrows, you can comb, brush and/or darken your brows them with an eyebrow pencil. This helps frame your face and give off a dramatic look.

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