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Every Beauty Benefit You Should Know About Ice Rollers

Every Beauty Benefit You Should Know About Ice Rollers

This beauty tool really packs a punch! These are all of the beauty benefits of using ice rollers.

One of our favorite beauty tools — ice rollers — have a ton of beauty benefits!

Cryotherapy for your face: ice rollers are one of our favorite beauty tools to use. There’s something about using one that makes you feel like you’re getting a facial at a spa. Once you start ice rolling, you’ll want to do it every day! MOBILESTYLES is breaking down all of the beauty benefits of this amazing tool.

Get your pen and paper because you’re going to want to write down all these ice roller benefits ASAP!

Drain lymph nodes

Ice rollers work to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and drain fluid from the face. By rolling the tool over your face your lymph nodes are able to properly drain, which will, in turn, make your face look more slim.

Boost skincare benefits

Ice rollers increase blood flow and circulation which really wakes up the skin. This improved circulation allows skincare products and ingredients to penetrate the skin deeper, making them more effective.

Reduce inflammation

Ice is one of the greatest tools for reducing inflammation in the body, and the face is no exception. An ice roller works to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation, which reduces inflammation buildup under the surface of the skin.

Improve skin tone

Ice rollers are great for promoting an even skin tone. Ice rollers work to constrict blood vessels which can improve skin tone and create a clear complexion. Just ensure that you don’t hold the roller on one spot for too long, as it could have the opposite effect.

skin tone

Shrink pores

The cold that comes from ice rolling helps to constrict pores and reduce their size. This not only makes the skin appear clearer and smoother, but it actually prevents dirt and pollutants from clogging pores and creating breakouts or other skin issues.

Reduce redness and irritation

Ice rollers come in handy when you’re experiencing skin irritation or breakouts (just be sure to wash the tool afterward, and be careful not to irritate your skin). Ice rollers work to reduce redness and calm the skin.

Okay, we’ve officially sold you on ice rollers. Pick up one today to reap all of the benefits!

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