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Take Control of Your Day With These 10 Success Affirmations

Take Control of Your Day With These 10 Success Affirmations

Success affirmations are a great way to start your day or pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. Read on for more!

Success affirmations are positive self statements that can be incredibly powerful in regard to changing your thoughts and life!

Our thoughts truly do make up our reality. If we think things are going to go poorly, we start looking for all the negatives. Success affirmations allow us to change negative thought patterns and beliefs. Through repetition, we can change how we see ourselves and the world around us!


Repeat these 10 affirmations three times per day to take control of your life!

“Today, I am full of energy.”

“Today, I will look for the joy and positivity in each experience.”

“Today, I am focused and attentive to the work that lies before me.”

“My mind is calm, my body is at ease, and my spirit is overflowing with abundance.”

“I am ambitious, driven, and attract success into my life.”

“I have the courage, bravery, and ability to handle all obstacles before me.”

“I trust myself, and I am on the right path.”

“There is always something amazing just around the corner.”

“I am gaining traction toward my authentic self with every day.”

“I am enough, and I am worthy.”

Success affirmations are a great way to start your day, pick yourself up, or stay grounded. Try adding your own affirmations to this list or pick and choose what works for you. Maybe you want to focus more on your health or mind-body connection. Whatever it is, allow yourself to be present and feel every word!

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