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Take a Load Off With These 10 Footcare Routine Tips

Take a Load Off With These 10 Footcare Routine Tips

Developing the perfect footcare routine is crucial to your overall foot health. Read on to learn more!

Our feet can reach exhaustion from standing all day or being shoved into cramped shoes, and that’s why it’s important to develop a footcare routine!

Your feet are going to take a beating whether you’re a beauty professional standing for long hours, an executive running to meetings, or a stay-at-home mom. A footcare routine is crucial to your wellbeing and should be enjoyable!

feet care

Follow these 6 tips to care for your feet!

1. Wash between your toes

It can be embarrassing to admit, but we can forget to wash behind our ears and between our toes during a shower. Sometimes we may think the soapy water on the shower floor is enough, but this isn’t the case! Remember to wash your feet and between your toes daily, and be sure to dry your feet properly afterward. Anyone can get foot fungus, and adequately drying is one way to avoid it.

2. Wear comfortable shoes

Our feet spend a tremendous amount of time in shoes. Whether during work, running errands, or at the gym, be sure to wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. Try swapping out your shoes regularly, as well, to give your feet a change. It’s also essential to always wear clean,dry socks to avoid unnecessary bacteria buildup.

3. Try a foot soak

We highly recommend a foot soak after work or on your days off! A foot soak relaxes the muscles in your feet, relieves tension, and is a fantastic self-care routine. Soak your feet in comfortably warm water and Epsom salt for a bare foot bath for 15 to 60 minutes. There are a variety of ways you can customize a foot bath and create a memorable experience!


4. Moisturize

Moisturizer isn’t just for your hands and face! Your feet can suffer like the rest of your skin without lotion and moisture. Be sure to moisturize the tops and bottoms of your feet with an unscented lotion before bed. If you wear socks when you sleep, you can use natural fiber socks to avoid ruining your other pairs.

5. Consider a massage

Another way you can care for your feet and achy muscles is with a massage. Whether it’s from a professional, your significant other, or done by yourself, a massage will relieve tension and stress! You can use your favorite essential oils during the massage to engage your other senses.

feet massage

6. Keep em’ moving!

It’s no secret we have to stay active to stay healthy. Sometimes we don’t take the time to do specific foot exercises and stretches, but just like our other muscles, our feet need work too! One of our favorite movements is rolling our feet over tennis balls. This exercise can ease arch pain and stretch the muscles within your foot. There are a ton of different activities you can try and add to your footcare routine!

Our feet are supporting us all day, every day. They’re the actual cheerleaders of our bodies! That’s why it’s essential to develop a footcare routine so we can support our feet right back. Try using these 6 tips to relieve stress and tension and give your body the love it deserves!

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