A soft sweater? Check. A comfy chair? Check. The warm scents of autumn? Not quite. Learn how to make a candle that gives off all the fall feels!

Kindle the gentle glow of the season at home with the easiest candle in microwave tutorial.

Warning: These toasty beauties are so quick to make, you might never settle for a store-bought candle again!

Why inhale artificial fragrances from store-bought candles, when you could infuse the air with real spices? AND you get a trip to the craft store? Grab a notepad — we’ll give you a short list of supplies and the basic steps for your own candle in microwave creation. Add a subtle touch of autumn to your dinner gatherings or snuggly evenings with the strike of a match!

Materials for fall-inspired candle in microwave

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Wicks and holder
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Food coloring
  • Ground spices (cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin, clove, nutmeg)
  • Candle jars (old candle jars, mason jar, jelly jars, or wine glasses)


Candle in microwave step-by-step

1. Melt the wax in the microwave

Measure the wax flakes in the jar where you’ll keep your candle. Add twice the amount to the microwave-safe bowl. Heat in one-minute intervals, stirring with the popsicle stick for even melting after each minute.

2. Place the wick and holder in the jar

Dip the bottom of the wick holder in the hot wax. Place it quickly in the center bottom of the jar that will hold your candle. Press it down with the popsicle stick for a few seconds, until the wax dries. Place two popsicle sticks horizontally on top of the jar to keep the wick upright.

3. Scent and/or color the wax

Add one tablespoon of your ground spices mix for each cup of wax. Stir well and reheat the wax if it has started to set at this point. If coloring the wax, add drops of food coloring until you get the color you desire.

4. Pour the wax into jars

Gently pour the wax from the bowl into your jars. Careful, it's hot! To make layered candles, wait for the first color to set before pouring a new color on top.

5. Let the wax set

After 20 –30 minutes, your candle will be fully set!

6. Trim the wick

Measure about a half-inch wick above the candle. Cut the excess wick with scissors.

7. Light it up!

Strike a match to your candle. The autumn scents will fill the room within a few minutes!

Make a few candles at a time to keep handy. Infuse them with real spices for your next dinner gathering or snuggly evenings. Want to change the scent later on? Place the candle in microwave, mix in new spices, and let set. How much easier could that be? No overpowering essences or artificial fragrances from store-bought candles. You’ll have a perfect fall-inspired candle that smells just right.

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