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Essential Beauty Tools for the On-the-Go Beauty PRO

Essential Beauty Tools for the On-the-Go Beauty PRO

What items are must-haves for your beauty collection? Check out these essential tools for the on-the-go professional.

Get the best of both worlds with essential beauty tools that won’t break your back!

Clients shouldn’t miss out on the best salon equipment simply because they’re not in the physical salon. As a mobile professional, it’s your job to make your essential beauty tools portable!

Make sure you have these on-the-go beauty tools for your next appointment.


Cosmetics trolley

If you’re an on-the-go makeup artist, you have several smaller items you need to carry to each appointment — foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and so on. A rolling cosmetics case gives you ample space for all of your supplies with the convenience of only having to wheel the case around.


Makeup chair and lighting system

You never know what types of seating or lighting your client will have, if any! Tuscany Pro makes a super convenient makeup chair that comes with a light system. The chair folds for easy travel and has plenty of spots for you or your client to place your belongings. You also don’t have to worry about poor lighting as the bundle includes a lighting system to ensure you can easily see what you’re doing.


Portable shampoo bowl

One of the best parts about going to the salon is getting your hair professionally shampooed. With a portable shampoo bowl, you can bring that experience to your clients' doorsteps! It easily sits on top of the sink, so you don’t have to worry about easy access to water.


Floor runner

Haircuts and hair color services can be a little messy. If you want cleaning up to be as easy and quick as possible, pick up a reusable floor runner! With this underneath the chair, you won’t have to worry about your clients' hair or any dye falling onto their floor. They’ll appreciate you keeping their space clean and you’ll love the easy cleanup!


Heat-resistant mat

When styling with heat tools, you may question where to set them down while they’re hot. Try a heat-resistant counter mat! You’ll no longer need to worry about ruining their counter or table.


Disposable towels

Picture this: you’re fully booked for the day and there’s absolutely no way you’ll have time to wash your towels between appointments. Grab a box of disposable towels to give that quality salon towel experience with the ease of being able to toss them after you’re done!

massage table

Foldable massage table

Give your clients that spa feel by bringing your own massage table! Whether you’re a massage therapist or esthetician, this foldable massage table allows you to easily bring a piece of the spa to let your clients relax even more.


Adjustable pedicure footrest and stool

Tired of crouching over your clients' feet? Introducing this pedicure footrest and stool combo! It’s easily adjustable so you can have your clients' feet and yourself in the prime position for an amazing pedicure.

These essential beauty tools are guaranteed to make your life as an on-the-go PRO substantially easier.

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