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MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight mdash Jerry

MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight — Jerry

MOBILESTYLES helps our PROs expand their craft and brand through our platform. MOBILESTYLES delivers high quality services to your doorstep!

hair repair

As a professional with MOBILESTYLES, what are some unique qualities you possess that attracts clients to book appointments with you?

Jerry: “Just a good personality. Just being friendly and professional. And you know, just making sure that all of your gear is clean and all ready to go for each service.”

Jerry: “It’s just the little things. You can do some little things, some extra things, that they’ll remember and appreciate. There’s nothing I can say, he just gives me more than what I get. You know? There are things you need when you’re going out to each hair service. Make sure that you have all of the tools you need to do the best blowouts possible.”

Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I’m curious how you’re maintaining CDC guidelines and making your clients feel comfortable during an appointment.

Jerry: “Well, you got to make sure that you’re wearing your mask. Right when you arrive, you want to make sure that you ask them if they’ve had any symptoms, and also, you want to wash your hands for twenty seconds. Then you also want to use gloves and start and finish your service from the app. But yeah, you want to make sure that you’ve asked the client if they have any symptoms, then you wash your hands for twenty seconds, and you’re also going to be wearing your mask.
And then, I have my card that shows your shots — that you’ve had your Moderna or Pfizer shot, so I keep that in my wallet too. It’s important to have your shots because some people, they’re going to ask you if you have your shots and if you have proof. I keep my card with me.”

How has the industry changed since you’ve begun working?

Jerry: “A lot of businesses went online, like this business. You know, some people can’t leave their home or they have a home business, so it’s just more convenient. But you know, everyone needs their hair done, everybody. And a lot of people are trying to watch those DIY videos and buying all the clippers and trying to do their own hair. So when we went back, we’re trying to fix all of these bad haircuts. Like OH MY GOSH, I’m like fixing all of these bad haircuts. But things are slowly getting back.”

It’s amazing, the passion you have for your position and how you can express yourself utilizing hair and working with people.

Jerry: “I’m thankful and I’ve been lucky. And all I can say is when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. To me, every head is a canvas. Everybody had their own medium of art, whether it’s cooking or the beauty industry or, you know, whatever you want to do. But yeah, this is it. I love this.”

How does MOBILESTYLES help you get into contact with different people and different clients that you may not have had access to before?

Jerry: “Because they can immediately go, with just the click of a button, and see your work immediately. Everything is mobile. Like groceries, like everything. It’s amazing. And MOBILESTYLES is the top. MOBILESTYLES is bringing it to the . . . I don’t know the right word because I’m not a poet, but, you know, like fruition. MOBILESTYLES is number one. I mean, when you’re associated with the number one company, with MOBILESTYLES offering over 200 services and bringing the beauty industry to wherever you’re at, home or work or event, that’s incredible. I mean, it’s amazing.”

In 2016, only 20% of the U.S. were using on-demand mobile apps, but now that number is up to 50%. Are you surprised by that increase?

Jerry: “No way! Look at Uber or Uber Eats and all of the grocery stores. I mean, with Amazon and Walmart going into delivering your food to your car space and to delivering to your address. So, it’s not a surprise. It was a guaranteed must in the industry. It had to change. Because we were in quarantine, so how is everybody going to get their supplies in a safe manner? [It was] huge with the beauty industry and it’s going to get crazy. It’s going to even grow. 50%? No way! It’s going to be even more in the next year and even the year after. Oh, man. I can’t wait. Everything . . . It’s going to explode.”

What advice would you give someone who was just starting in the industry?

Jerry: “I think the more that you evolve by just keep learning, keep asking questions, watching YouTube classes. I’m telling you, it’s like anyone who wants to reach out to me and ask questions, feel free. No problem, because I’ve worked on main streets in Huntington Beach, I’ve worked at the best blow dry bars, and I’ve assisted in Newport with the top stylist. And this guy is making like, a million dollars a year, and I would get there at 5 in the morning to 2:30, four days a week — I assisted him. And then, I’ve had opportunities to work at different places and I’ve had a mentor. It’s good to have mentors. My mentor was doing hair for fifty years before I even got my license. Richard Dinucchio, there’s nothing I can say. He was part of the Long Beach Guild for 23 years. He would cut with two scissors, he put updos up like that (snaps). Using his hands, just like teasing the hair, doing THIS and doing THAT. And he just says “watch my hands Jerry, watch my hands.” You watch what those hands are doing and I’m telling you. Man, I just got a chill right there like . . . Woah! Just thinking about watching them. So I’m telling you, don’t stress or whatever. You’re going to kick butt and you’ll be a black belt, a Jedi, a samurai. No worries and you can reach out to me with any questions.”

MOBILESTYLES would like to thank Jerry for taking the time to sit down and share his experience in the industry and with MOBILESTYLES. Download the app today and book your next hair appointment with Jerry in Anaheim, CA, or with another one of our talented PROs in your area.

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