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2021 Beauty Trends Wrap Up Heres What You Missed

2021 Beauty Trends Wrap Up: Here's What You Missed

The 2021 beauty trends have been a wild ride — here’s everything you may have missed!

Were you on top of all the 2021 beauty trends?

The 2021 beauty trends have been a wild ride. We’ve seen long lashes, amazing eyeliners, unique lip colors, and more! With so many new trends, it's no surprise many of us missed out on some of them.

Check out the trends you may have missed!


Eyeliner galore!

The pandemic and mask mandates have changed fashion, beauty, and style all over the world. Due to masks, we saw an increase in stunning eyeliner looks in 2021! Celebrities were pulling off stunning eye art all year with looks that had a vintage and retro feel, making them even more unique.

Long eyelashes

In 2021, we saw an increase in bold eyelash extensions. Lash lifts and extensions have become increasingly popular throughout the year and are here to stay for 2022! It’s due to one simple reason: everyone loves a big and bold eyelash.

Bold and unique eyeshadow looks

Mask mandates caused most of the 2021 beauty trends to revolve around the eyes! Bold eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliners, and eyelashes have been the trend of 2021. We’ve seen colored mascaras and the evolution of the smokey eye all year long!


Bright cheeks

One of our favorite beauty trends from 2021 is the use of bold and bright blushes. Interesting cheek makeup can transform everyday looks into something out of a fairytale! We saw influencers use shimmering pinks and reds to create dazzling looks all year long.

Unique brows

2021 also brought us looks with unique brows, including an interesting hands-off approach which let the brows shine. We also saw the complete opposite with eye-catching bleached and dyed brows! Anything you can do with your brows, it’ll probably fit in the year’s trends!

Embraced natural hair looks

With each year, natural hairstyles and looks are gaining traction. 2021 wasn’t an exception! Rocking natural hair, whether it’s curly, straight, or in-between, was all the rage this year. Just take a look at the natural hair hashtag posts on Instagram for all the inspiration you need!

These are just a few of the 2021 beauty trends we saw this year. Keeping up with all that’s been happening has been challenging, so don’t feel bad if you missed out. There’s always next year to hop on the bandwagon!

What were your top beauty trends for 2021? Let us know at @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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