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Achievable Non-Clicheacute New Years Resolutions

Achievable, Non-Cliché New Year's Resolutions

For 2019, let’s focus on smaller ideas that we can incorporate into our lifestyle.


Image by Ian Schneider with Unsplash

As scary or as unprepared as you may feel, 2019 is right around the corner. It’s like I blinked and 2018 was slipping from my grip. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my accomplishments and wondered if I achieved the goals I set for myself for 2018. I found myself happy and content with my accomplishments, but at the same time, I have zero ideas if I was able to follow through on any of my resolutions. So, for this year's New Year's resolution planning, I have decided that I should create a list of memorable and attainable resolution. It's time to steer away from the typical “I want to lose weight” or “I will eat healthier” resolutions. These are great! However, throughout the entire year, it's easy to lose of such obvious and general goals. For 2019, let’s focus on smaller ideas that we can incorporate into our lifestyle. So, here is my list and I would love if you would join me or let me know if I am missing out on any big plan!

Image by Jerry Kieswetter with Unsplash

  1. Spend less money
    I know this sounds like a big goal that is hard to maintain over the course of a year. However, in terms of spending money on unnecessary things items, not in terms of groceries etc. I find myself getting my paycheck and losing all sense of what I need, and instead of buying things that are pretty but have little use. This coming new year, I will be more mindful when it comes to my impulse purchases. I will make sure that I prioritize buying only my necessities and saving more money.  

  2. Keeping in touch
    With life becoming so busy between work, moving to a new place, and giving myself time to relax, I find myself losing track of who I have kept in touch with and who I owe a solid phone call. Now, I know it’s more important to be in the present and away from your phone, but it is also very important to maintain relationships with people who have impacted your life. 2019 will be a year filled with reconnecting with friends and family while keeping better communication with people I'm close to now.

  3. Cleaning my room
    I know how sophomoric or childish this sounds, but it is so easy for me to come home on Friday after work and find that I have completely neglected my room. Between early mornings and late nights, it is hard for me to find time to make my bed or throw those socks on the floor into the hamper. But I've noticed when I clean my room, I find myself in a much better mood. It is so nice coming home to a room that is loved and cared for. So for 2019, I will make sure to always take a few minutes a week to give my room the right TLC it needs.  


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