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MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight mdash Anna

MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight — Anna

At MOBILESTYLES, we’re passionate about helping our PROs expand their careers in the health and beauty industry.

Part of us supporting these goals is providing our PROs with the forum to tell their own stories and share their passions with a larger audience.

Today, MOBILESTYLES sat down with PRO esthetician Anna for an exclusive interview. Anna discusses the products she uses and recommends to her clients, where she seeks inspiration for her makeup looks, as well as what makes MOBILESTYLES one of the best apps for estheticians!

With just a few taps on the MOBILESTYLES App, high quality health and beauty services and stories can be delivered to your doorstep!


What inspired you to work in the health and beauty industry?

Anna: “You know, I've always been passionate about beauty, and making people beautiful, and that kind of thing. That is my mission — to make people beautiful and to make them feel good.”

How would you describe your signature look?

Anna: “My signature look is a natural glam look — very healthy looking skin — glowing but, you know, not too much makeup. I definitely use some colors, but just to enhance their natural beauty. I think eyes are a very beautiful feature of the face, and of course, every person has their own beauty.”


What are your favorite products that you've used recently?

Anna: “Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite beauty brands because of the colors, because of the quality, and, you know, she has beautiful videos on YouTube explaining to her customers how easy they can apply makeup and make themselves look very beautiful. And, of course, also Chanel — classic. But there are a lot of good new brands out there. Clean beauty is something that I'm very interested in, so ILIA is another brand that I love.”

What do you like and dislike the most about being a MOBILESTYLES beautician?

Anna: “I like everything about it. The only thing I dislike, which I just figured out — it's not about being a beautician, it's about living in LA — the traffic. It's a freelancing job and sometimes I have to go from one point to another, and it can take a couple of hours just to be stuck in traffic.

And also what I like is just meeting different [people]. Sometimes I meet celebrities, sometimes I meet very different clientele, and I do love it”

From who or where do you get inspiration for your looks?

Anna: “I think nature is my biggest inspiration. The colors of nature, because sometimes you just see a blue sky and the ground is green and brown and you just — you know, in nature, everything is perfect. You can never go wrong. And the combination of the colors I think is my biggest inspiration, but also just watching Instagram and seeing what's out there [and] what's been popular.”


What is beauty for you?

Anna: Beauty for me is acceptance. I think accepting it took me some [time] to accept the way I look. You know, growing up you always find something that you're not very happy about in terms of your looks, but I just realized this is all me and and it's all beauty.

What are three beauty dos and don'ts?

Anna: “First don't is I think when the makeup is too much, it's not a good look. I think it's good to choose the feature where you like to have an accent. Either it's your lips or it's your eyes, because sometimes, we want to look very nice and then we apply too much product and it doesn't really look nice. Don’t use products that are not good for your skin, because they can clog pores and lead to other problems, which is not good. Do drink a lot of water to make your skin look good, healthy, and beautiful. Have the right skincare routine and makeup products that that are good for your skin.”

In addition to the marketing tools that MOBILESTYLES provides, such as video and shareable profile pages, what other tools and resources do you use for your marketing?

Anna: “Instagram is number one, and I recently started my professional Instagram. It's”

MOBILESTYLES appreciates Anna taking the time to sit down and share her inspirations, product recommendations, and why she loves being an at home esthetician with MOBILESTYLES! Ready to book your next makeup appointment with Anna in Los Angeles, CA? Download the app today and book with Anna or one of our talented PROs in your area.

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